Singapore coffee

Here’s an interesting read for you if you’re an overseas reader!

In Singapore and Malaysia, we have a unique way of brewing our coffee. It seems like it’s a local tradition found in these two countries only. At least that’s what my Dadster (who is an avid coffee fan) tells me. You can check out this blog entry of mine on a street vendor selling coffee in Bangkok, Thailand.

So what’s interesting is that the coffee beans are first roasted in butter/margarine/lard. Then, it gets grounded into coffee powder which is brewed and strained through a “coffee sock”. Here’s a video to explain

With American (I use this term loosely) coffee, there are many variations, e.g. long black, latte, flat white – there are the local variations of these as well.

A Kopi is the equivalent of a latte
A Kopi-o is a long black with sugar added.

Check out this blog: for the equivalents

Here’s a great infographic, courtesy of Burpple, that explains the types of Kopi!



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