Bali food: Nasi Campurs all over

One of my favourite dish to order in Bali: which I can eat all day, everyday, is Nasi Campur. It’s a direct translation to “mixed rice” which is exactly what it is! Most restaurants in Bali offer this as it is the most basic Balinese dish. Nasi Campur is also the cheapest option usually.

I don’t really get why this is the cheapest option as I feel that Nasi Campur is the most “all in” dish. You get rice, some veggies and a little meat to go along with it. These are some of my favourite Nasi Campurs from Bali!

Biah Biah
Okay Biah Biah first caught my eyes because of their quirky decor. I mean, pigs on the table really? Their Nasi Campur is one of the more generous versions with two kinds of meat and extra tempe. The tempe is a perfect combination of soy and sweetness mixed. I ordered extra satay sticks too.

Biah Biah (Google Map link): Jl Goutama 13 Padantegal Kaja, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Ne Warung
A small little place that probably doesn’t sit more than 15 at any go. It’s best to either pop by for a late dinner (if you’re comfortable sharing tables) or make a reservation. I saw many people being turned away as the place was full. I loved how uniquely spiced the chicken chunks was – I can’t even describe it well. The sambal (which was not spicy at all) paired perfectly with the egg..

Ne Warung: Goutama Street, Ubud, Bali 80571

Cafe Wayan
Cafe Wayan is one of those long standing Bali restaurants with a long heritage of good food and bakes. If you wander further into the restaurant, you’ll realise the restaurant stretch far back into the fields. You can grab a wooden hut with low seats, have a meal and a good chat with your friends – which is what Balinese/tourists love to do.

I read online that Cafe Wayan was more famous for their desserts than main dishes but it’s usually hard for me to even finish a proper meal. The Nasi Campur was slightly pricier than most other Nasi Campurs but that’s also because the Nasi Campur here came with more variety of sides and meat. There were egg fritter and chicken curry included.

Cafe Wayan (Google Map link): Monkey Forest Rd., Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia 

Warung Made
Last but not least, this was my final Nasi Campur in Bali before I conclude my Eat Pray No Love trip. By now, I was a Nasi Campur expert. Our surf instructors recommended this place to us and it was a good pick! Warung Made also frequently pops up as a recommended food option.

I like the fact that Warung Made has two options of Nasi Campur – obviously I went for the Nasi Campur special. I think for the price, it was pretty worth the value although I felt that some of the sides tasted funny. I think it was the tuna fish I left completely untouched. I like my tuna the Japanese way.

Warung Made (Google Map link): Br. Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

If I had to take my pick, my most memorable Nasi Campur definitely went to Ne Warung’s. Although the portion was smaller and of less variety than most other places, the host’s hospitality and the quality of food touched me tremendously. Ne Warung was also one of the few places I visited twice.


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