Canggu, Bali: Ole Ole Ollie

One of my favourite stays in Bali has got to be at Ole Ole Ollie. Good food, comfortable bunk, adorable dogs and just right by the beach – how more perfect can you get right?

The owner, Olivia, owns a cupcake business and converted some space into a dorm behind. It’s a really pretty garden by day!


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Japan Dance Delight Vol 21 (2014)

So thanks to the good people at F&N and, I was one of the six bloggers writing for Singapore Dance Delight Vol 5 blog challenge. It was quite an experience for me as it was my first blogging assignment. Also, Singapore Dance Delight is one of those events I’ve been following since it started back in 2010. I was frankly, quite surprised to receive a call that I’ve won the blogging challenge and will be flying with Flair Origins to Osaka for Japan Dance Delight Vol 21.

At that point of time, I was also kind of worried because I had just booked my block leave of two weeks to do my version of Eat Pray (But No) Love in Bali. Which meant that in the month of July/August, I would be in Bali for two weeks, back in office for two weeks then away to Japan for a week. Thankful for supportive team mates and bosses, I managed to get all my leave approved.

*Dances a celebration jig*

If you’re still in the unknown about Japan Dance Delight – in short, it is a Japan franchised dance competition that brings the world’s best to one of the globe’s dance central, Osaka, to compete. In Singapore, we’re at its fifth edition of Singapore Dance Delight (SDD)

So the champs of SDD scored themselves a seeded place + sponsored trip to Japan Dance Delight 21.

Photo credit: Override Photography

So our trip began on 31 July 2014. We flew by SQ if you’re wondering!

Touch down at Osaka International Airport.

Japan Dance Delight was held at this awesome place – almost stadium like where the audience sits in curved seating.

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