Seattle: Experience Music Project

If you’re visiting Seattle and you’re not into kitschy touristy sights and only wanted to do that ONE thing, go check out the Experience Music Project! This was probably my favourite thing to do in Seattle. But know that I’m a sucker for all things pop culture too!

Experience Music Project is a pop culture, and science fiction museum. The building itself is quite a sight too!

I couldn’t get the entire thing into frame but this is a standing structure, spanning across a few floors.

One of the exhibitions was on video games and how it has evolved! I’m not an avid gamer but it was still amazing to see how technology has transformed.

There were interactive displays too! This is one of my favourite, visitors at EMP get to choose what are some of their favourite songs to suit that moment.

Music is a big thing in Seattle. Some of the more famous music icons from Seattle includes Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana.


How music and musical instruments have evolved…

When I was there earlier in March 2013, the featured exhibit was about how leather jackets have evolved and their presence in pop culture.

Leather jackets in music album covers

Hey Fergie

Back at EMP’s level one, there was this huge theatre you could lounge and check out the music videos and concerts playing

I could very well spend an entire day at EMP and will definitely head back there again. Quick tip: you get a slight discount if you purchase your tickets online.

The Experience Music Project (EMP)
325 5th Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98109
Google Map link: EMP on Google Maps


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