Flatlay: What’s in my bag v2

Hopping on the flatlay wagon, these are what are in my bag on a typical day without yoga/dance class. I always wonder how can some people travel daily without a bag. You know some people are like, a wallet and their phone and they’re good for the entire day. I’m always baffled. So what do you do on the train/bus?

In my defense, I spend at least two hours (or more) traveling each day on public transport. I’ve been try to keep my necessities to a minimal but somehow, these look like the bare minimal I can’t live without daily!

  1. Kindle Basic
  2. iPhone 5s with my new Otterbox Preserver
  3. Universal lens (fisheye + wide) for Instagram
  4. Make-up pouch
  5. My keys bunch which includes: iBank device, thumb drive and a  measuring tape
  6. Umbrella
  7. Xiaomi Powerbank 10400mAh + cable
  8. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
  9. Creative Bluetooth WP-300 headphones
  10. The latest copy of 8 Days
  11. Wallet

I did a similar entry: What’s in my bag v1 back in 2012.

I’m going to try to weigh my bag the next time, let’s not even talk about the days when I have dance/yoga class…


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