Singapore’s upcoming reality dance show

The last reality dance show in Singapore that I remember was The Dance Floor on Channel 5. That was probably when I was still in primary school! Anyone knows of Zee TV? It’s a cable channel from India and they’re bringing Dance Singapore Dance – localised version of Dance India Dance to town. It’s somewhat similar to SYTYCD and is open to all local residents, 16 and above. Super long post but these will be the details you’ll need to know!

About Dance Singapore Dance

Dance India Dance started in India in 2009 and has seen over 200,000 participants over nine editions. This is the first edition of Dance Singapore Dance in 2015 Dance Singapore Dance will have the spirit of and showcase a similar look and feel to Dance India Dance. However the format will vary slightly.

How are the auditions conducted?

Auditions will be conducted in Singapore on 14 Mar. At the end of the  open auditions, the Top 25 – 30 shortlisted Dancers will receive a “Hat of Destiny”. The “Hat of Destiny” is awarded to the dancers that they have impressed the judges with his/her dancing ability. This will instantly move them one step forward in the competition. The Indian format also has a “Dancing Superstar ki Topi” (Hat of Dancing Superstar).

What is the format of competition?

The shortlisted dancers (25 – 30 dancers) will then participate in the Mega Auditions.  This is similar to that of Dance India Dance! At the end of the Mega Auditions which typically multiple genres (e.g. Hip Hop / Bollywood / contemporary) are tested, the top 12 dancers (six males and six females) will move on to the studio round. Top 12 (six boys and six girls) will be divided into two teams comprising six dancers each. Two highly acclaimed choreographer masters will mentor the teams. The dancers will then be whittled down through a number of individual and team-based challenges and weekly elimination rounds until a winning Dancing Star is crowned. Do note – no one-trick ponies! If you look at Dance India Dance, multiple genres are an expectation through out the entire season.

So who are the choreographer masters?

The choreographer masters who will mentor and train the top 12 finalists are Anil Dandge and Sharmila Chauhan. Choreographer Neerav Bavlecha will oversee the masters. Neerav Bavlecha has choreographed for reality shows and for Hindi movies such as Aisha, Pankh, What’s Your Rashee, and Naach and many television commercials. Neerav has trained scores of contestants in the past including Shakti Mohan, the winner of Dance India Dance 2 and the judge of Dance Singapore Dance. Sharmila Chauhan is the Director of Prabhudheva Dance Academy in Singapore. Anil Dandge is an experienced dance tutor and choreographer from Bollywood. With a vast experience of teaching 12000 students in India and participating in projects in South East Asian countries, he has also contributed his expertise in Singapore based projects such as the N.U.S. Annual Event “Jashan”, “Vishu” 2011(organized by Indian Cultural Association, Singapore), in Global Indian International School and a charity show with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Master Anil Dandge has his own dance studio –Dancebollywood International Pte. Ltd. The choreographer masters are adept at a variety of dance styles that include hip hop, jazz funk, reggae, contemporary and more.

How long is the competition?

After final auditions, the top 12 will be given five – seven weeks for preparations and rehearsals. They will each have to discuss with their mentors on a convenient time schedule that suits both mentor and participant. Dance Singapore Dance is a 12 week competition. The elimination process will begin from week five onwards wherein the weakest performer will be sent home. Dance Singapore Dance will air from mid June to mid September 2015.

What is the judging criteria?

Best performances and eliminations will be decided by the judges. There is no audience voting for this season.

Who are the judges?

Image courtesy of Dance Singapore Dance website

The judges for the auditions are Shakti Mohan, winner of Dance Indian Dance Season 2, and Zaini Mohammad Tahir, artistic director and choreographer, NUS Dance Ensemble. Both Shakti and Zaini will also serve as show judges with a local guest judge to make a special appearance each week. Guest judges will be reputed and famous personalities from Singapore.

So what’s the prize?

The champion walk away with a cool $10,000 cash prize.

So what’s the catch?

No allowances/ remunerations will be provided during the competition period. The 12 finalists will be mentored by professional choreographers and an experienced production crew to prepare the finalists for the final round.

My take on it:
  • I’m not sure how many full time dancers can commit to the filming schedule since you’re not paid for the entire competition period. Is a shot at $10k enough?
  • If you read up enough on Dance India Dance (e.g. the wiki page), you probably realized you have to be versed in dance genres. Also, Indian styles such as Bollywood, Bangla and Bharatanatyam are expected.
  • While the show mentioned that the choreographer masters are versed in other styles, their creds are lauded, leaning towards Bollywood. Zaini, on the other hand, is of NUS DE fame – contemporary with a hint of Asian fusion.
  • Don’t go with a So You Think You Can Dance mindset, remember this is Zee TV.
Audition details

If you’re still with me, the audition details as follow: Date: 14 – 15 Mar Time: 9am – 4pm Venue: MDIS Campus, 51 Stirling Road Register: For instant updates, check out their Facebook Page If you need more information, esp regarding time commitment, I suggest for you to reach out directly to Dance Singapore Dance.


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