Bangkok 2015 / 2016: Night markets round up

Update (Mar 2016): Added Talad Rod Fai 3 Kaset-Nawamin and Hua Mum Market to the list!

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These are my top picks of night markets in Bangkok. I have been to all of them at least once (or thrice in the case of Talad Rod Fai).

1. Siam Square street

Update (Mar 2016): I was there on a Monday night and there were no stalls. No clue abut this.

Sorry, no pictures here but if you’re in Siam area, you can’t miss that stretch of stalls set up right below Siam BTS. The stalls are mostly clothing and accessories. The stalls also sell inspired versions of fashion brands such as H&M and Topshop. However, don’t expect apparel to be of fantastic quality. I mean, you are paying a fraction of the price anyway.

The night market here is good for a pop by if you are in the area. While you’re in Siam, why not check out Another Hound, Somtam Nua or After You?

The entire market takes about 1-2 hours to navigate.

Attraction Siam Night Market
Address Beneath Siam BTS
Opening hours 6pm – 11pm
How to get there Alight at Siam BTS
Google Map Siam BTS

2. Palladium DIY Market

Capitalising on the DIY scene, you can get create your own personalised items at this market.

Customise your folders and passport holders here. I think a passport holder goes for about SGD 6 – 10. Nothing much to buy here but it’s a great pit stop to make customised gifts. If you’re looking for a cheaper mass option (read: Christmas gifts), I recommend SixNineShop at Chatuchak.

The entire market takes less than 1 hour to navigate. It’s literally a patch of stalls outside a mall set up.

Attraction Paladium DIY Market
Address Outside The Palladium World Shopping Centre
Opening hours Daily, 6pm – 11pm
How to get there Alight at Chidlom BTS and walk
Google Map The Palladium World Shopping Centre



3. Talad Rod Fai 

Probably one of the largest night markets in Bangkok, Talad Rod Fai is spread across a few hectares.

Like any good hipster night market, there are many things to look, see and shop. The market is chocked full of fashion, accessories, street food and booze. Makura Cat Cafe is here.

Plenty of vintage and trendy clothing here too but don’t expect high-quality clothing. Prices start about 100 Baht.

The only con is that Talad Rod Fai is situated on the outskirts of Bangkok which make travelling a bitch. If you intend to head over about 7 – 8pm, I suggest taking the train and change to a taxi instead of cabbing all the way. Chances are, you’ll get stuck in the peak hour traffic. Talad Rot Fai is right next to Seacon Square, that’s a good landmark to tell the cab driver.

The entire market takes about 3 – 4 hours to navigate.

Attraction Talad Rod Fai 1 Srinakarin
Address Next to Seacon Square
Opening hours Fri – Sun, 5pm – 1am
How to get there  Take a train to Udom Suk and transfer a cab (about 60 Baht)
Google Map Talad Rod Fai


4. Talad Rot Fai 2

Riding on the success of its older sister, Talad Rod Fai Ratchada is a more accessible but smaller night market.

The prices are still cheap, and personally, I feel that there is a better selection and higher quality of goods here.

The entire market takes about 2 – 3 hours to navigate.

Attraction Talad Rod Fai 2 Ratchada
Address 10400, 322/289 ซอย อยู่เจริญ, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Opening hours Tues – Sun, 5pm – 1am
How to get there Alight at Esplanade Cultural Centre MRT station and cut through the shopping centre (Esplanade Ratchada). Just follow the crowds and you’ll be safe!
Google Map  Ratchada Train Market


5. [CLOSED] Talad Rod Fai 3 Kaset Nawamin

Update 2018: This market has been closed.

The youngest sibling of the Train Markets edition – this is quite out of the way but still a fun market!

The set up is similar to that of the other Talad Rod Fai. It is bigger than Ratchada but smaller than Srinakarin. It’s also near to Hua Mum Market so I’d suggest for you to set out earlier and visit both markets!

The entire market takes about 2 hours to navigate.

Attraction Talad Rod Fai 3 (Kaset-Nawamin)
Address แยก เกษตร นว มิ นท ร์ รัช ดา รามอินทรา แขวง นวลจันทร์ เขต บึงกุ่ม กรุงเทพมหานคร 10230, ถนน เกษตร-นวมินทร์, แขวง นวมินทร์ เขต บึงกุ่ม, กรุงเทพมหานคร 10230, Thailand
Opening hours Thurs – Sun, 1800 – 0100
How to get there Taxi from Lat Phrao MRT station, approx 100-150 Baht
Google Map Train Night Market Kaset-Nawamin

6. Hua Mum Market

If you’re already heading so far out to Talad Rod Fai 3 (Kaset-Nawamin), you should make the most out of it and visit Hua Mum Market while you’re at it.

The vibes of the market are distinctly different from the other Talad Rod Fais and you seldom see repeated goods! The apparels sold are also of a higher quality. Most of the vendors speak almost no English so be prepared for sign language.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the full-service restaurant (think steaks and T-bones) and oyster bars available.

Attraction Hua Mum Market
Address 11 Kaset-Nawamin Rd, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
Opening hours Tues – Sun, 1600 – 0000
How to get there Taxi from Lat Phrao MRT station, approx 100-150 Baht
Google Map ตลาดนัดหัวมุม

7. Siam Gypsy Junction

A super long one-way stretch of stalls. This night market has plenty of vintage curios, not so much of clothes and accessories, and plenty of old knick knacks.

It’s a fun place to hang out for a booze and spot old stuff. Shopping? You’re better off somewhere else. However, take my review with a pinch of salt. I was there on a Wednesday. If you’re there on a weekend, please prove me wrong!

The entire market takes about 2 hours to navigate.

Attraction Siam Gypsy Junction
Address 965/8 กรุงเทพฯ-นนทบุรี 29, Wong Sawang, Bang Sue, Bangkok 10800, Thailand
Opening hours Thurs – Sun, 5pm – 12am
How to get there Alight at Bang Sue MRT and taxi (approx 70 Baht)
Google Map Siam Gypsy Junction


All night markets are marked on my Google Map: Bangkok Google Map


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