The tech low down

My friends seem to think I am super high maintenance due to the large number of gadgets I tote around on a single day but that’s not true!

To be honest, I use mostly entry-level gadgets that satisfy my  technology consumption habits. I don’t game nor do graphic design. My needs are simple: I need MS office suite, some light photo and video editing and a fast processor for opening multiple applications.

These are the gadgets I have invested over the years since I was financially independent. In fact, the costs of my gadgets are probably way cheaper than what you expected. I’m not including the cost of my phone (an iPhone 5S if you’re keen to know) nor camera (because I don’t own one technically, I borrow from my Dad if I need one).

  • Laptop: Lenovo G470 at $700 (back in 2011 and still functioning perfectly).
  • E-reader: Kindle 5 at $119 (first-hand from a local dealer)
  • Hard disk: Seagate 1TB at $120

Total costs: $1768 – to put it into perspective, this is about the same price as a MacBook.


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