Japan: Japan Wireless Review – Pocket wifi / mobile wifi

If you’re looking for a mobile data option, I’d totally recommend Japan Wireless.

I’ve used it twice before. Once in Sept 2014 and another, in May 2015. The first occasion, it was very painless. I had the wireless egg delivered to my hotel and it reached on time.

  1. Switch on the MiFi
  2. Select network and key in password (pasted on the device itself)
  3. Welcome to the internet

The second occasion, I had it delivered to the post office at Osaka Itami airport. The wireless was not there and the post master seemed a little baffled at my request too.

Thankful that I had auto roaming so I dropped Japan Wireless a call. It turned out that the delivery was delayed.

So why will I recommend it still? Japan Wireless made the necessary compensations for my inconvenience. I received the wireless delivered to me on my second day and also, a 50% refund of fees.

In the packet you will have:

  • A labelled return envelope
  • An extra portable battery
  • Charging cable and adapter
  • Mobile wireless

Using it is really simple too, what you see is what you get.

The one that I’m using is a 3G mobile wireless (MiFi), with a speed that is between 3G and 4G. I find it an adequate speed for me, bearing in mind, I am quite an Internet addict. There are various packages at Japan Wireless. The package that I got was 3G Wifi ( by Au and UQ WiMax) and unlimited data. Multiple devices can be connected.

The annoying thing is that this MiFi lasts probably only 4-5 hours of usage which means you can’t leave it on the entire day, only switch it on when you need it.

I’ve checked out other providers, including Changi Recommends, Japan Wireless still remains the most affordable and of best-value.

For the full price list, check out their website. As with most rentals, it gets cheaper with a longer hire period.

Kyoto: Khaosan Kyoto Theater (Hostel)

Me – I’m determined to stretch out my hostel years as far as it goes. I recognise that soon, in a couple of years, I would probably have grown out of communal living.

The first time I stayed in Khaosan Kyoto Theater was in September 2014 and then again in May 2015. Both of my stays were great and enjoyable! Then, in September, the hostel was just about done. The hostel is smack in the heart of Kyoto, right where all exciting things are.

We stayed in an 8-bed all female, Kimono-wrapped beds.

Second skinny and tall hostel I’m at.

The reception as you walk in

Let’s fast forward this entry right to the dorms. Continue reading “Kyoto: Khaosan Kyoto Theater (Hostel)”

Osaka: Hostel 64 Osaka

When I was booking accommodation in Osaka this time, I had initially wanted to go with my first choice, Osaka Hana Hostel. The rooms that I wanted (female dorms or private rooms) were fully booked, perhaps two months before our trip. Yes, I am serious. That’s Japan for you. Hostel 64 Osaka wasn’t my initial top choice but I’m glad I went with it. Massive pic spam, my comments in between. End of post for review!

Hostel 64 Osaka is an entire short building

I totally forgot to take a picture of the steep stairs – there are no lifts in this gentrified building. * Insert horror face at lugging your luggage up the stairs* Continue reading “Osaka: Hostel 64 Osaka”