Osaka: Hostel 64 Osaka

When I was booking accommodation in Osaka this time, I had initially wanted to go with my first choice, Osaka Hana Hostel. The rooms that I wanted (female dorms or private rooms) were fully booked, perhaps two months before our trip. Yes, I am serious. That’s Japan for you. Hostel 64 Osaka wasn’t my initial top choice but I’m glad I went with it. Massive pic spam, my comments in between. End of post for review!

Hostel 64 Osaka is an entire short building

I totally forgot to take a picture of the steep stairs – there are no lifts in this gentrified building. * Insert horror face at lugging your luggage up the stairs*

A simple daily breakfast option is available at 300Y. A top up of 200Y will give you unlimited coffee/tea until 11am.

The bread has a chewy texture to it. Nutella and Marmite provided, you can mix the jam with the yoghurt. I think this is Meiji yoghurt.

It was quite relaxing to lounge around, read a book and enjoy a long breakfast.

Maybe check out recommendations from other travellers?

Bar and hang out space

We booked a private three-bed traditional style room: there is a bedroom and a sitting room (which I forgot to take, sorry!). It’s basically a smaller version of this room, with a chair and table.

You make your own bed on your first night:

  1. The futon goes on
  2. Then the padding
  3. Last is the linen

And you tuck yourself underneath the thick blanket.

As this is a hostel, we share toilets and bathing spaces. There are a total of four toilets (non-gender specific) and four showers/baths. The bathrooms are all of different designs.

This is the one level 2. It looks normal but it is not normal.

This is a tatami shower which I never figured out out to use it eventually.

On level three, we have a small secret door. Duck under for a shower.

On level one, we have two showers. This looks too complicated to use and shower. I’m guessing you sit on this?


The other shower looks way easier.

There’s a roof top used mostly by smokers and doing laundry. Because it’s such a short building,you’re very close to your neighbours – no hanky panky!

Overall, I really liked the design of the hostel. It’s clean, minimal and soothing.

Why Hostel 64 may not be your top pick:

  1. Location wise, it’s not that central and is a few train stops to Shinsaibashi or Umeda. Takes about a 10-15 minutes walk to the hostel from the nearest train station.
  2. If you do a base comparison (e.g. 8 bed female dorm), chances are Osaka Hostel 64 is going to be more expensive.
  3. It’s not as happening and does not offer that many free activities, tours or interaction options.

Despite the above, I really enjoyed our stay at Osaka 64 because these are perhaps, minor inconveniences. The price point, comfort and general feel of the hostel trumps the cons.

The Not So Good Things:

  1. There is no lifts / elevators of any sort. Please flex your guns and biceps and carry your luggage up steep stairs. We were lucky – the receptionist on duty helped us but don’t take it for granted they will.
  2. The walls are really thin. There are ear plugs provided for a reason.
  3. There is a single power point only by the outer most bed. Do bring an extension cord.
  4. It’s situated in a quiet and dark residential district (which I think is safe) but may not be a good option if you’re a solo female traveller.
  5. Convenience shops round the corner

What I liked:

  1. The staff are very helpful – they assisted us with the luggage lugging up the stairs and helped us call a cab.
  2. Fellow travellers are friendly but not in your face. A hello is always given.
  3. No parties, no drunkards, no loud noises.
  4. Bed was comfy enough despite it being only a futon.
  5. I have this weird habit: I like to shower right when I get back. Despite only having four bathrooms, I never had to wait for one.

Final verdict

Will I stay here again? If I’m with friends, maybe. If I’m running solo, I’d rather head to a hostel nearer to a station and with a lift.

Hostel 64 Osaka
Address: 3-11-20 Shinmachi, Nishi Ward, Osaka City
Google Map: Hostel 64 Osaka


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