Kyoto: Khaosan Kyoto Theater (Hostel)

Me – I’m determined to stretch out my hostel years as far as it goes. I recognise that soon, in a couple of years, I would probably have grown out of communal living.

The first time I stayed in Khaosan Kyoto Theater was in September 2014 and then again in May 2015. Both of my stays were great and enjoyable! Then, in September, the hostel was just about done. The hostel is smack in the heart of Kyoto, right where all exciting things are.

We stayed in an 8-bed all female, Kimono-wrapped beds.

Second skinny and tall hostel I’m at.

The reception as you walk in

Let’s fast forward this entry right to the dorms. The hostel offers two kinds of dorms and we opted for these kimono cloth wrapped ones. Basically, it’s like a bullet-shaped structure wrapped in kimono cloths tacked together. Basically, within your “bed”, you have a lockable drawer, one powerpoint, another stronger light (good for reading) and a Japanese style futon bed. Although within our 8-bed dorm, there is only one toilet and shower, just a floor down, there are multiple showers and toilets available. During my three-day stay, I never had to wait for a shower.

Female showers are stocked with amenities such as hair ties and pins

Most showers are single stalls, kind of clinical

On level 5, there is a small dining area, vending machines and washers / dryers.

Left my Choya here for a night and no one stole it.

My favourite part about Khaosan Kyoto Theater has got to be the numerous resources available to plan your perfect trip in Kyoto.

The good things:

  • Superbly central location in Kyoto and you’re near a subway and multiple bus stops.
  • There are convenience stores nearby.
  • Friendly staff and useful trip planning resources – these really helped us in planning of restaurants and sight seeing.
  • I liked the Kimono-wrapped beds: they’re kind of private and with good/bright lighting that you can read in bed.

The not so good things:

  • The futon bed is on the thinner side and may not be the most comfortable. No issue for me though.
  • If you’re sleeping on the upper bunk, it can get quite warm. My sister (who slept in an upper bunk), left her sliding door open.
Khaosan Kyoto Theater

346 Iseyacho, Rokkaku-sagaru Gokomachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Japan Post code 604-8066
Phone: +81-75-746-4554
Google Map: Khaosan Kyoto Theater

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