Australia 2015: Mr Crackles

One of my favourite eats in Sydney has got to be Mr Crackles. I was recommended this spot by my Bestie who did a secondment in Sydney just a couple of months before me.

It isn’t much of a diner or cafe, it’s more of a supper spot. There were a few bar seats but nothing fanciful.

The star here is the roasted pork belly roll (A$13.50). You get a strip of luscious roasted pork belly lain atop Vietnamese salad sandwiched in a crispy baguette.

Now, just talking about it makes me miss this.

I don’t eat much of roasted meat when I am in sunny Singapore but just writing about Mr Crackles makes me crave for roasted meat now.

For a greater indulgence, get a cup of Crackling, i.e., roasted pork skin (A$5) to go along.

Pictures by: Camistry Lab

Attraction Mr Crackles
Address 155 Oxford St.,
Darlinghurst, Sydney 2010 AUS
Opening hours Mon-Wed: 11:30am – 9:30pm, Thurs: 11:30am – 1:30am, Fri: 11:30am – 4:30am, Sat: 12pm – 4:30am, Sun: 12pm – 10:30pm
How to get there Nearest train station: Museum
Google Map Mr Crackles

Fitness Pass / Subscriptions (GuavaPass vs KFit) Review in 2016

View updated 2017 post: Fitness Subscription / Pass – Guavapass vs KFIT Review

Useful reads:

Where were you the past few months if you had not heard about the Fitness Pass craze yet?

If you’re still not in the loop, I’d suggest reading Shape, TimeOut and Yahoo. Basically, you pay X-amount to access classes of studios that are partners of the Fitness Pass. Sadly, Passport Asia has announced its demise. Also, KFit has since implemented a 10-class limit booking per billing cycle.

P.S. I’m not sponsored by both. (Maybe only in my dreams…)

Fitness Pass GuavaPass KFit Fitness Pass
Price plans
  • $179/mth
  • $169/mth for 3 mth 
  • $159/mth for 6 mth 
Class limit Unlimited 10 classes
Max class per studio Usually 3 1-5
Max active reservations 4 4
Late class cancellations $15 $15
No show fee $20 $15
Customer support Email In-app, live chat, email
Referral link / promo code Receive $40 off first month: GuavaPass promo code * Receive $10 off first month: JVBGZ or KFit referral link
Unique studios / with more visits SurfSet
Strala SG
Aqua Spin
Pilate Bodyworks
So Spa
Actualize Crossfit
One Wellness Fitness Club
Overseas access Yes (Less than 50% of bookings) No
Other cool things
  • GuavaLite at $99/mth allows access to 4 classes
  • Check out other offers/perks 
  • You can book beauty/wellness appointments too

* In case the referral link for KFit does not work, simply key in the promo code. There have been technical issues with regards to the referral link.

What are your options now?

  1. KFit: Pay a lower price but be limited to 10 classes per month
  2. GuavaPass: Pay a premium price for unlimited classes and fewer studio options

Fit allows you to pause your membership for $0 whereas GuavaPass charges a small fee of $10 for 2 weeks with free holidays pauses during festive seasons.

What are some other differences?


  • Studios tend to concentrate in the CBD and town area featuring more boutique gym options
  • Has a new dedicated studio: GuavaLabs in Mandarin Gallery which features its popular partners
  • Most importantly: you can access its overseas partners too when you’re travelling. However, if your account is outside of your residential city more than 50% of the time, GuavaPass reserves the right to adjust your billing to the new city rate without prior notice.


  • Has more studio partners than GuavaPass with options more spread out across the island
  • More varied workout options such as gymnastics, martial arts and belly dancing
  • Includes some spa access
  • No overseas option if you are travelling

Referrals and promotions

Just like any subscription that survives on sales, referrals are important.

GuavaPass: Each new member gets $40 off their first month with a referral code.

My GuavaPass referral link

My GuavaPass promo code: WvrXtCrUgw3NhMW

KFit: Every new member gets $10 off first purchase. Please key in the promo code if the referral link does not work, there have been technical issues before but keying in the promo code will work.

My KFit promo code / referral link is: JVBGZ

P.S. Drop me a note at hello (at) meowsyy.c0m if you’ll like to find out more about the exact discount as referrals tend to change very frequently.

So what will you recommend?

As of 1 September 2016, new memberships at KFit will cost $129 for 10 classes, renewable monthly.

The cheapest GuavaPass is $149/month for a 6-month membership and the most expensive GuavaPass is $169/month, renewable monthly. With GuavaPass, the beauty is in its unlimited classes, a larger variety of boutique studio classes and overseas access.

If you break it down, using the most expensive plan on GuavaPass:

  • KFit: $129 / 10 classes = $12.90 per class
  • GuavaPass: $179 / $12.90 (average price of 1 KFit class) = 15 classes (The minimum classes you need to hit to average the KFit price.)

At 15 classes, that will work out to about 4 classes per week.

Since you do get a discount for your first month, I strongly recommend you to give either a try. If you’re nervous about going to class alone, don’t be! You’ll be surprised at how many people go to classes alone.

I have just recently switched to GuavaPass in March 2016 after KFit implemented the 10-class limit. That said, I’d miss some of my favourite KFit studios such as Pilates Bodyworks and One Wellness that are on KFit. Since I take more than 10 classes a month, GuavaPass would be the wiser decision. I was on KFit for three months from December 2015 – March 2016. I have a few friends who are still on KFit as they work out less than twice a week and enjoys the wider variety of studios available.

I’ll be hitting a year with GuavaPass in Feb 2017. I love the flexibility of monthly payments without worrying that the company will close down.

Are Fitness Passes gym replacements?

I think a serious yogi / gym go-er would know their regime better and what works for them. I don’t think hopping between numerous studios would sit well.

This is also quite a research intensive fitness option I think, you need to look up the schedule each day and set your preferences to decide which class you’ll like to attend each time. If you enjoy routine, this is probably not for you.

At the end of the day, the Fitness Pass / Subscription is not a gym replacement if you’re serious about working out. Think of it as a tool to discover more activities and what you really like.

Also, bear in mind that partners may drop out any time. For example, up to March 2016, Strala (one of my favourite studios) was on KFit before the studio switched to GuavaPass.

Bonus: Studio reviews

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Or read my list of favourite yoga studios.