Osaka: Endo Sushi Kyobashi

This has got to be the highlight of my Osaka trip 2017. Endo Sushi is better known for its Osaka Central Fish Market outlet, tourists are known to throng the famed outlet even before the sun rises.

Instead, try Endo’s Kyobashi outlet which is right by Kyobashi subway.

It is exactly the same as its more famous counterpart, sans the queue and the early timing.

Each plate consist of five pieces of sushi:

  • You can switch 1 piece of sushi but the number must correspond.  For e.g. You can switch Third Plate’s Tamago with Fourth Plate’s Saka
  • For the unavailable sushi, the chef will replace the piece with something of similar value, omakase (the chef’s choice) style
  • Each plate will include Ootoro (the fattiest tuna).

Top: Fourth plate Bottom: First plate

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Penang Hostel: Container Hostel

I stayed a night in Penang as part of my overland journey to Bangkok. I was looking for a simple stay near the ferry as the night was meant to break up the monotony of the overland trip.

Container Hotel was more of a hostel than a hotel and it was situated right by the ferry. It’s a great no-frills stay if you’re not too picky.

Container Hotel group operates multiple hotels in Malaysia, including Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur. The concept is similar, a budget hotel option housed in containers. You can’t see it from the exterior but inside, the rooms are made in refurbished containers.

We stayed in the female private pod which was super affordable. Your privacy is accorded with the black out blinds.

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Osaka / Kyoto / Nara bucketlist

Food chains to try

  1. Ichiran ramen
  2. Gyukatsu Motomura
  3. Torikizoku

Kyoto food

  1. Katsukura
  2. Donguri (Okonomiyaki)
  3. Nishiki market – Kobe beef, Uni
  4. Ichiba Coji 
  5. Gram pancakes

Kyoto sights

  1. Neko Cafe Time (at Fushimi Inari)
  2. Fushimi Inari
  3. Kyoto Manga Museum (if you’re a geek)
  4. Kiyomizu
  5. Temples with flea markets (Tenmagu has one every 25th)


  1. Tofu-an Kondou (which I didn’t get to visit, so bummed.)
  2. Nara park
  3. Todaiji temple

Osaka food

  1. Endo Sushi Kyobashi – MUST TRY!
  2. Kuromon – cheap sashimi!
  3. Calbee Shinsaibashi
  4. Mizuno Okonomiyaki
  5. Isetan food hall
  6. Gourmet Food Museum at Umeda
  7. Cheese Craftworks
  8. Dashi Gura  Hankyu Sanbangai 

Osaka visits

  1. Spa World
  2. Cat Tail Cafe at Amerika Muya
  3. Shopping at Umeda + Osaka Station
  4. Yodabashi Camera
  5. Ando Momofuku Instant Ramen Museum
  6. Thrift shopping at Amerikamura