Fitness Subscriptions/Pass: Guavapass and Kfit Review 2018

This is a revised post for 2018.

NOTE: Enjoy further discounts (up to $60 off in your first purchase) in January 2018!

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There were multiple cases in the past couple of years on gyms and spas closing leaving members who had paid upfront fees in a ditch. I feel a little insecure when committing to large sums of money paid upfront. As my parents would say, “钱不容易赚”, which translates to, “it is not easy to earn money.”

Hence, I’ve been an advocate for fitness subscriptions like Guavapass and Kfit for the past couple of years. They offer the flexibility of month-on-month payments and extremely wide range of classes from member studios. Think of it as a “trial” to your favourite classes.

What is a fitness subscription?

  • Basically, it is a fitness membership on an app with a concept very similar to The Entertainer App. You pay an X amount of money per month to access classes by its member studios
  • There are two dominant players in Singapore: Guavapass and KFit.
  • In 2018, Guavapass has a new class-pack subscription

What are their differences?

Fitness Pass GuavaPass KFit 
 Price plans
  • $179 for 3 mth
  • $169/mth for 6 mth
  • $849 for 6 mth* (upfront payment)
  • $859 for 50 classes (6-mth validity)
  • $359 for 20 classes (6-mth validity)
  • $199 for 10 classes (2 classes per studio, 3-mth validity)
  • $99/mth for 4 classes (1 class per studio, 1-mth validity)
Class limit Unlimited if monthly 10 classes
Max class per studio 3 usually (except for 10-class pack and 4-class pack) 1-5
Max active reservations 4 4
Late class cancellations $15 $15
No show fee $20 $15
Customer support Email In-app, live chat, email
Referral link / promo code Receive $40 off first month:  GuavaPass promo code * Receive $5 off first month: JVBGZ or KFit referral link
Unique studios / with more visits STILL
Aqua Spin
Barre to Barre
Move to Live
Actualize Crossfit
One Wellness Fitness Club
Overseas access Yes (Less than 50% of bookings) No
Other cool things
  • Includes sports such as mini-golf

* In case the referral link for KFit does not work, simply key in the promo code. There have been technical issues with regards to the referral link.

Referrals and promotions

Just like any subscription that survives on sales, referrals are important.

GuavaPass: Each new member gets $40-$60 off their first month / class-pack purchase with a referral code.

My GuavaPass referral link

My GuavaPass promo code: WvrXtCrUgw3NhMW

KFit: Every new member gets $5 off first purchase. Please key in the promo code if the referral link does not work, there have been technical issues before but keying in the promo code will work.

My KFit promo code / referral link is: JVBGZ

P.S. Drop me a note at hello (at) meowsyy.c0m if you’ll like to find out more about the exact discount as referrals tend to change very frequently.

What are the key differences?


  • Released new class packs in 2018 – instead of monthly memberships, buy classes (do note the validity period!)
  • Studios tend to concentrate in the CBD and town area
  • Features more boutique studio options
  • Has opened its own studio in CBD: STILL
  • Most importantly: you can access its overseas partners too when you’re travelling. However, if your account is outside of your residential city more than 50% of the time, GuavaPass reserves the right to adjust your billing to the new city rate without prior notice.
  • KFit

  • Includes options other than classes such as sports rentals and activities, therefore, has more studio partners than GuavaPass
  • Includes hotel spa and gym access e.g. Fairmont, Sofitel Sentosa and Hotel Jen Tanglin
  • No overseas option if you are travelling

So what will you recommend?

(As of Sep 2017) KFit is currently at $129/month for 10 classes.

GuavaPass is $159/month for a 6-month membership and the most expensive GuavaPass is $179/month, renewable monthly. With GuavaPass, the beauty is in its unlimited classes, a larger variety of boutique studio classes and overseas access.

Taking the base price of KFit:

  • KFit: $129 / 10 classes = $12.90 per class

So using the average price of 1 KFit class to calculate the minimum classes you need to hit to average KFit class prices for GuavaPass:

  • Using 3-monthly price: $179/$12.90 = 13 classes/month
  • Using 6-monthly price: $169/ $12.90 = 13 classes/month

Therefore, in terms of cost savings, go for GuavaPass if you work out more than 3x a week.

In terms of quality – being a KFit or GuavaPass member feels the same when you sign into studios. I never felt that I was treated as a second-class nor lesser client/student when I was on either pass.

The differentiating factor I feel, would be the type of studios you want to attend. GuavaPass is quick to include the latest trending boutique fitness classes such as Aqua fitness, boxing and spin whereas KFit probably has the widest reach with something for everyone.

Since you do get a discount for your first month, I recommend you to give either a try. If you’re nervous about going to class alone, don’t be! You’ll be surprised at how many people go to classes alone. Personally, I have a pretty unpredictable schedule so I like to attend classes alone.

If you do the month on month renewal – it’s akin to a trial membership with no obligations to continue. However, do remember to cancel as these memberships are on auto-renewal!

Are Fitness Passes / Subscriptions gym replacements?

I think a serious yogi / gym go-er would know their regime better and what works for them.

This is also quite a research intensive fitness option. You need to look up the schedule each day and set your preferences to decide which class you’ll like to attend each time. If you enjoy routine, this is probably not for you.

At the end of the day, the Fitness Pass / Subscription is not a gym replacement if you’re serious about working out. Think of it as a tool to discover more activities and what you really like.

Also, bear in mind that partners may drop out any time.

Bonus: Studio reviews

If you’d like studio recommendations/ review, hop to my Dayre where I review studios on the go or access the list on my blog here: Fitness Pass studio reviews.


3 thoughts on “Fitness Subscriptions/Pass: Guavapass and Kfit Review 2018

  1. Isn’t Guavapass promoting this white privilege image?? It’s really for caucasians if you look at their corporate concept.

    1. To each their own marketing strategy, this isn’t something I can comment on. All I can say is that I’ve met plenty of Asians throughout my GuavaPass journey. I’ve never felt unwelcomed nor ‘privileged’ in any way.

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