Incoherent thoughts

Penning my thoughts down has become more and more of a obscure past time now. Residing in a public relations agency made me realise how every word of mine could very well be monitored (and stalked) by people. And I think I’ve become a really boring person now: it’s like work is a monster swallowing me whole and entire. But hey, I’m working towards a dance rejuvenation.

Sadly, to be boring (again), I thought it might be fun to list out some quirks I have picked up in the past year:

1. My inability to laze and slouch around upon coming home – I need a bath, immediately, in which ever toilet, mine preferably.

2. The need to used British spelling in whatever English words I type. Coupled with proper capitalisations.

3. I have to read newspapers everyday, mobile or paper.

4. I have a disgustingly good memory for remembering blog links and email addresses.

5. I have a very short “quiet span”. That is the noise equivalent of attention span. I think I freak the people out around me with the noises I made.

Also, when I was eating a humbug candy last week, I was chewing on the toffee and telling a friend that I always have this horrible thought that one day, my teeth are going to get stuck to sticky food items I eat and come out altogether. Lo and behold! The very next moment, my tooth crown was stuck to the candy and came out altogether

I was much much poorer after a visit to the dentist the next day.

I wonder if people do have such moments like me. I think I have all the weird, embarrassing moments my whole life.

Just the other day, I took my Caesar chicken wrap to the toilet, in the attempt to find some clean napkins. There wasn’t any dry spot on the basin so I had to place my wrap in the sink itself. It didn’t occur to me that the sink might be automated and my wrap was drenched. Luckily, there was a layer of wax paper so the wrap was still edible.

And a random fact of the day which I came across: You can’t hum while your nose is pinched.

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