I kind of enjoy shopping but I’m not one to purchase big ticket items except for maybe the geeky stuff. I would splurge any day over a new gadget such as tablet/e-reader/camera than to get a Miu Miu. I think to date, the only branded thing I own is probably my 21st Kate Spade wallet from my JC besties.

I’m in between sizes so it gets kind of annoying for me when I purchase clothes. I got this cutie when I was in Hanoi. So in places such as Bugis Street where you aren’t allowed to try clothes, I’ll whip my ladybug out for a quick measure. It’s super useful in Bangkok too.

My grandma tends to nag at me whenever I purchase new things. It is pretty amazing how alert and sharp her mind is when she puts her mind to it. I need to be especially sneaky these days. Well, my wardrobe now kinda looks like Niagara falls of cloths and I own… maybe 6 pairs of boots.

The trick is smuggling and no plastic bags! I’ll usually stuff my new loots into my bag that I’m carrying. When I do online shopping, I’ll have them send to my bestie’s place or to my office. With shoes, it tends to get a little trickier. I’ve learnt that the key is to come home super late and quietly, hide the shoebox and plastic bag somewhere and place the new shoes in the shoe cupboard so it looked like it belonged there all the while.

I tend to get a little panicky whenever I make new purchases because it means being sneaky or incurring the dowager empress’s nagging.

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