Australia 2015: Mr Crackles

One of my favourite eats in Sydney has got to be Mr Crackles. I was recommended this spot by my Bestie who did a secondment in Sydney just a couple of months before me.

It isn’t much of a diner or cafe, it’s more of a supper spot. There were a few bar seats but nothing fanciful.

The star here is the roasted pork belly roll (A$13.50). You get a strip of luscious roasted pork belly lain atop Vietnamese salad sandwiched in a crispy baguette.

Now, just talking about it makes me miss this.

I don’t eat much of roasted meat when I am in sunny Singapore but just writing about Mr Crackles makes me crave for roasted meat now.

For a greater indulgence, get a cup of Crackling, i.e., roasted pork skin (A$5) to go along.

Pictures by: Camistry Lab

Attraction Mr Crackles
Address 155 Oxford St.,
Darlinghurst, Sydney 2010 AUS
Opening hours Mon-Wed: 11:30am – 9:30pm, Thurs: 11:30am – 1:30am, Fri: 11:30am – 4:30am, Sat: 12pm – 4:30am, Sun: 12pm – 10:30pm
How to get there Nearest train station: Museum
Google Map Mr Crackles

Australia 2015: Main Ridge Dairies

We left early from Philip Island and took a short drive around Mornington Peninsula! Main Ridge Dairies is a little out of the way to Melbourne main island but it’s such a fun pit stop. You can pet a kid, taste different variations of goat cheese or have goat milk.

Some pictures by Camistry Lab!

We found a six-week-old kid in the field!

By Camistry Lab

By Camistry Lab

By Camistry Lab

By Camistry Lab

It was a pity that we were not going to get to a fridge in time if not I’d have bought the cheeses back home.

The tasting platter (good for two) was only $10. It comes with a slip of paper to explain the cheese and the staff recommended eating in a U-shape.

By Camistry Lab

The funniest thing is: I had the best chai latte in throughout my trip at Main Ridge Dairies. It was spiced, creamy and damn delicious. If you are here, remember to order the chai latte!

Attraction Main Ridge Dairies
Address Main Ridge Dairy
295 Main Creek Rd, Main Ridge
Victoria 3928
Opening hours Thurs – Sun 10am – 4.30pm, Public Holidays 12pm – 4pm
How to get there Drive!
Google Map Main Ridge Dairies



Australia, October 2015

Recap : Sydney – Melbourne 2015

Dates: 8 – 18 Oct (11D 10N)


Date Agenda
8 – 11 Oct Sydney
11 – 15 Oct Sydney to Melbourne road trip
15 – 18 Oct Melbourne


All accommodation booked via and

Transport options

  • Sydney: Public transport using Opal card (max A$16/day) and friend’s car
  • Sydney to Melbourne road trip: Car rental (Toyota Corolla) via EuropCar
  • Melbourne: Public transport using Myki

Useful things to note

  1. All Singaporeans need an Electronic Travel Application. Get yours at S$10 via Jatravel. This is also the cheapest option.
  2. The most affordable SIM card option is the $2/day Optus card which gives you unlimited calls, SMSes and 500MB of data. If you exceed 500MB, you’ll be bumped to 1GB/day for additional $2. Minimum top up is $10.
  3. One Australia-sized meal generally equates to a meal for two Asians and leaves you space to grab a snack/dessert/coffee.
  4. Cheapest groceries are in supermarkets – avoid convenience stores!
  5. Remember to purchase car excess for your car rental. The most expensive option is to go with your car rental company and the cheapest is a third-party insurance. The staff will also remind you that in any accidents, the company will deal with you directly (that is you pay first) and you will need to claim against the third-party insurance.

Gorgeous photos by Camistry Lab.

Hong Kong food: Hong Kong Egg tarts, Cze char and Hui Liu Shan

Continuation from our arrival at Hong Kong Day 1

After dropping our stuff, we headed out for dinner.

One quick picture

The MTR station

Was very very crowded.

We made a stop for eggs tarts at Tai Cheong Bakery before heading off. I liked my egg tarts with a biscuit base as compared to a flaky pastry base.

Stopped for a snack at this famed bakery

Happy tum tums from egg tarts

We had cze char, hong kong style, at this nondescript place without even a sign board. Kinda looked like a mafia-ish place if you think about it.

We went for cze char, HK style, at this very nondescript place

Our dinner nom nom

Some of the dishes that we had

The last stop of the day was for desserts at Hui Liu Shan


Finally trained back to our apartment

Places visited:

2. Egg tart stop:

Tai Cheong Bakery

Address : 35 Lyndhurst Terrace (Central MTR)
Opening Hours : 7:30am – 9pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
8:30am – 9pm (Sundays and Public Holidays)
Telephone : 852-2544 3475

3. Dinner:

HK Cze char at Gough Street (Central MTR)

4. The Peak

Nearest MTR: Central

5. Supper dessrts: Hui Liu Shan

Multiple outlets throughout Hong Kong

Penang hostel: Muntri Inn

The last of all Penang posts!!

Travel buddies xoxo

Our flight back to Singapore was quite late and since we did web check in, we didn’t have to be at the airport until about 8/9pm. Since we had to check out at 12pm, this will leave us homeless for quite a bit so we decided to book a cheap single room at another hostel.

I recommend other travelers who are in this predicament to do this as well. Penang’s weather is erratic with frequent downpours, there may be a chance you are relegated indoors and the last thing you want is to left homeless. A single room at any hostel is a good deal for the comfort and shelter.

We got a single room at Guest Inn Muntri

Pretty nice place with some hang out areas. There’s free instant coffee if you like. I had Penang white coffee btw.

You can play pool too

The hostel had good reviews on travel websites such as Tripadvisor and

Price list, Sept 2012. We paid about SGD20 for a single private room to hang out before our flight

Restrooms at the back. I had a nice shower before we left

A small cosy room. Don’t worry, it was us who messed up the place

This is also the end of Penang posts!

Guest Inn Muntri Sdn Bhd

No. 17, Muntri Street
10200 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
Tel : +604 263 3228
Fax : +604 262 3229
Reservation :
Facebook : Guest Inn Muntri

Penang food: New Lane

Last Penang food post yay! I’m slowly bit surely, clearing my Penang (September) posts which leaves… some Bangkok and Costa Cruise posts to clear from last year’s travels.

So on our last night, we were looking for somewhere to eat before we finally roll home on our fat tummies.

This is New Lane

In the morning, breakfast is served (I think) and in the evening, dinner

No idea what happens in the afternoon, probably, it’s too hot to work. A lot of locals stop here on their way back to pack food home.

Like most hawker food in Penang, not exactly healthy but the food were affordable (not necessarily cheap) and good. We also noticed that there doesn’t seem to be much vegetable-based dishes. I was dying for some fibre.

Assam laksa

Beef noodles – one of the best I’ve had for sure

Char Kway Teow with duck eggs and seafood, the duck eggs make this dish saltier as compared to chicken eggs

Wanton Mee which was unmemorable

What happened to Roger’s hair?

Ah balling in ginger soup

Osmanthus jelly which paled in comparison to the one I had in Hong Kong

New Lane Hawker Street
Lorong Baru (New Lane),
Off Macalister Road, Georgetown
10040 Penang
Next to Sunway Hotel, Penang
Opens from 5 – 11pm


at Tanglin Road

Popped by Spruce one fine day for coffee. I love having all the amazing cafes in Singapore but sometimes, it’s super annoying how inaccessible these cafes are if you don’t drive. Oh well, I guess this is another motivation for me to pick up driving again I suppose.

Lovely venue with greenery and the sound of running water. Many patrons were there (acting all chi chi) and catching up over good coffee.

You can’t miss it

Nice views everywhere

Man made waterfall and lots of greenery

Was seated at the outdoor area since it wasn’t too hot that day but suffered a couple of mozzies bites

I can’t think of a good caption

Cafe latte was good

Was a pity didn’t get to try the cakes because I was too full that day

Last indulgent photo

320 Tanglin Rd  247980
6836 5528

Penang food: Ete cafe

Last few Penang posts I promise!

During our last day in Penang, we were determined to hunt for a nice cafe to sit, chill and live out some chi-chi dreams so we found ourselves at Ete Cafe. This cafe is run by a Taiwanese couple with their teenage daughter. The whole family trained at Le Cordon Bleu in France. The French desserts are all hand-made by the couple.

Also, they don’t do the Espressos and lattes, instead, they serve siphon coffee that is prepared on the spot.

With the Taiwanese mei mei

Ete cafe is pretty small that are able to fit perhaps, a maximum of 12 person


Cakes and macarons

a wide range of coffee beans to pick from

The owner uses this funky machine

This is call siphon coffee I believe

Of course Ikea is too main stream for the cafe, check out their furnishings.

Crate for a table and a tree stump for support

Shu and I shared Strawberry & Lime fruit tea – Sweet and a tinge of tangy after taste

Sea salt caramel cake

A very traditional French dessert, Mont-Blanc

They shared wth us their dreams of owning a cafe and decided on Penang due to its affordablity, location as well as the availability of an international school for their girl. From our conversations, it sounds like they really enjoy the laid-back culture of Penang.

They are very hospitable people and we stayed there for a good two hours just chatting with them. If you’re keen to visit, dogo slightly later than their official opening hours. We were there at 11am and they weren’t open.

With the family

Ete Cafe 79 Lebuh Carnarvon
Georgetown 10300 Penang
Business Hours: 11:00 am – 6:30 pm

Penang food: Aik Hoe Restaurant

Last few Penang posts!

For our last dim sum breakfast, we decided to settle on Aik Hoe Restaurant which was listed on Time Out Penang for being of of the best value dim sum restaurants.

Restoran Aik Hoe

It was one of those rustic restaurant filled with lots of old school charm. If I’m not wrong, this is a family-run restaurant.

Three generations operations

Instead of peddling dim sum on carts, you have to self-serve and pick out the dim sum that you want.

The old school stuff they use

Picking out the stuff we want

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