Flatlay: What’s in my bag v2

Hopping on the flatlay wagon, these are what are in my bag on a typical day without yoga/dance class. I always wonder how can some people travel daily without a bag. You know some people are like, a wallet and their phone and they’re good for the entire day. I’m always baffled. So what do you do on the train/bus?

In my defense, I spend at least two hours (or more) traveling each day on public transport. I’ve been try to keep my necessities to a minimal but somehow, these look like the bare minimal I can’t live without daily!

  1. Kindle Basic
  2. iPhone 5s with my new Otterbox Preserver
  3. Universal lens (fisheye + wide) for Instagram
  4. Make-up pouch
  5. My keys bunch which includes: iBank device, thumb drive and a  measuring tape
  6. Umbrella
  7. Xiaomi Powerbank 10400mAh + cable
  8. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
  9. Creative Bluetooth WP-300 headphones
  10. The latest copy of 8 Days
  11. Wallet

I did a similar entry: What’s in my bag v1 back in 2012.

I’m going to try to weigh my bag the next time, let’s not even talk about the days when I have dance/yoga class…


Photo of the Day: #365ofmeowsyy

This year, I decided to do one Photo of the Day each day for 2014. You can check it out on instagram by searching: #365ofmeowsyy

It is SO DAMN TOUGH trying to find something to insta each day. This POTD made me more observant of my surroundings because I’m constantly looking for something to shoot. It’s also stressful because I worry about not having something to post each day.

I’m still going to try. I think

Dancers are actors

I remember vividly, a choreographer of mine said that all dancers are actors but not all actors are dancers. A lot of times, a dance item is set in a particular scene, where you have to act out the character. Most of these items are with my dance items with Raffles Hall because the items tend to lean more on the entertainment value side.

I’ve had some crazy costumes and the best ones are those from rag I swear. I wear rags (literally) but I still feel like a star!

In year 2010 for rag, I was a scientist from the past. This costume was super duper hot, I think I lost 1kg from all the sweat but it was the best costume ever. My vest was made from haversack, the eyelet hooks were from tin cans and the ruffles were from some table cloth. My little tool bag had cool handmade tools such as a compass and ruler.

Of course, no Nike then.

Year 2010

I was the star of the show – a scientist

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What’s in my bag?

I love a tough and hardy bag that lasts me for ages because I cart so much stuff around daily. My grandma gets so annoyed with me because me, being so muddle-headed always leave something behind.

I admit I’m somewhat of a geek. I need my Glee and my books with me all the time!

I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, my “What’s in my bag” post:

What’s in my bag

Top row:

1. My wallet, a 21st birthday gift form my JC mates from Kate Spade.
2. My handy trustworthy brolly because my office is a 10-minute non-sheltered walk from any MRT station and the walk home is non-sheltered as well.

Second row:

3. My leopard foot thongs (No funny jokes please colleagues) for jazz/street jazz classes.
4. My name card case, a present from my office’s Secret Santa last year.
5. My iPhone baby
6. A ballpoint pen for useful situations

Third row:

7. My Kindle for easy curating of books I’m currently reading. I devour books so fast I used to drive my parents mad when I pack five books for a five day trip. Of course, I finished reading them all.
8. Samsung Tab (24GB memory in total) for the TV shows and movies I’m watching.
9. My YOG lanyard (a gift from my big boss during my internship with YOG) of keys and iBank device.
10. My YOG lanyard (also a gift) for thumb drive in case I need it for documents transfer at meetings.
11. A bottle for dance classes. I keep losing water bottles and forgetting to bring them out in the first place, I just gave up on the permanent ones.
12. My make up kit which is not captured because I left them in office