Of friends since 17 (and maybe a bit more)

I don’t really talk about my secondary school much, mainly because I don’t feel that I had a lot to take away from my teenage years. I also had to deal with an unfortunate incident, which, until now, is a pivotal point of my life.

My momster (that’s why I call my mum) once told me that I’ll meet my closest friends in Junior College (JC) and she’s right. Maybe because JC was probably the toughest two academic years of my life which my friends helped me through. And also, come to think about it, the longest number of hours I spend in school, naturally, your friends help you through the long hours.

Anyway, my JC friends and I, all stay round the corner from each other and no one moved away (yay). While we weren’t all from the same class, we met each other mutually, we clicked well and enjoyed spending time with each other. I’m thankful for all of them – they are some of the most selfless, un-judgemental and honest friends that I have. We’ve also grown and matured over the years together to understand that we each have our own priorities.

We stuck with each other through JC, National Service (Singapore’s conscripted army), university, relationships and now we’re into corporate life (and soon to be marriage for one).

Here’s a sweet story to share.

One of them, Ken, is an air steward. I used to ask him to bring pudding milk tea back from Taiwan for me. This was when he first started flying, maybe four years ago. A couple of weeks back, he actually texted me that he bought the milk tea from Taiwan to Singapore.

I was a little shocked and somewhat amazed to receive the text because he remembered… after 4 years. And sorry ladies, this man  is taken (not by me if that’s what you’re thinking).

Now, time to think what else do I want from another destination…

(If anyone is wondering, these are old pictures from this year’s birthday celebrations so it’s not my birthday!)


My top tips for freshmen

It’s been a while since I was a NUS freshman, given the chance, I think I would have done my college years very differently right from the start.

1. I wouldn’t have gone for the modules because I wanted to try something new/do something different/stuck with the old. The decision to major in Psych and wanting to do Econs 1101E killed my CAP pretty quickly.

2. It’s technically correct that honours is not useful in the private sector because no one gives a shit about your CAP but CAP is important because it gives you the access to the exchange programmes. Without a good CAP, you can’t even apply for exchange.

3. Go for local exchange + an overseas exchange. This will maximise your exposure.

4. Go for freshman camps – I think the two main ones you should go for are the faculty camp + your major camp. I was one of those who didn’t go for any camps and witnessed first hand what it meant to have no friends to take modules or group with.

5. Make that two to three friends that you will take classes with. It’s really helpful to have someone to look out for you and copy notes off when you’re away/busy.

6. Join CCAs/clubs/societies that you’ve always wanted to try out, go alone if you must, take advantage of these activities that are funded by NUS because they will cost a bomb after you graduate.

7. Be consistent on your school work. I bucked up in my 3rd semester onwards but my first few sems kind of screwed me over, making me miss a lot of chances which I should have been eligible for.

8. Don’t party too hard, just don’t. It must be liberating to be free but at the same time, be smart. Alcohol and zouk are fun for a couple of times but weigh in your sacrifices (hungovers during morning classes, cab fares, drinks costs).

Photo of the Day: #365ofmeowsyy

This year, I decided to do one Photo of the Day each day for 2014. You can check it out on instagram by searching: #365ofmeowsyy

It is SO DAMN TOUGH trying to find something to insta each day. This POTD made me more observant of my surroundings because I’m constantly looking for something to shoot. It’s also stressful because I worry about not having something to post each day.

I’m still going to try. I think

Of 2013 memories and 2014 more to come

2013 has been a year of adventure and also, somewhat tumultuous for me. I went on my first solo trip to the other end of the world, earned my first work promotion and spent time with my precious people and most importantly, took time and a step back to think about myself and what I want.

2014 will be a tough year for me because it marks a series of decisions to be made. I think traveling might slow down somewhat too.

And, I’ve decided I’m going to try doing one post/photo a day either on Instagram or WordPress. Let’s hope that this determination goes on for the next 364 days.

Occasions you see everybody

A colleague recently said something that rang true, “No one ever writes about their lives.” Jo, here’s an entry for you.

And so, this entry is dedicated to something directly pertinent to my life. I heard this saying somewhere before. The only few times you get to see everyone together is at weddings or funerals which is totally true.

A primary school mate passed on when I was in year two in NUS, that’s, when I was age 20. Clifford had brain cancer and he kept the chemo sessions a secret. Understandably, I doubt this is anything I will want to tell either.  It wasn’t the happiest occasion but it was a comforting sight to see everybody together sharing our favourite memories of Clifford. We had some great laughs about the stupid things we do in primary school. I caught up with a few long lost friends and even got invited to an officer’s ball.

I sincerely doubt that all of us would have caught up otherwise.  I know that two of my primary school friends got together after that. There were many supper and mahjong dates that followed. Even now, I still keep in touch with them.

I like to think this is Clifford’s blessing to us.

On turning 24…

I always thought birthdays are way too overrated, after all, it’s just another day of your life. I don’t think you actually feel any different on that particular day. Well, I always wished I feel wiser/smarter/more talented but nah… same old, same old.

I had a fabuloust time having high tea with Shu at Dempsey before heading home to Ben & Jerry’s with my family.

Simple, quiet, muted but filled with love and blessings. Just the way I like it.

High tea at House Dempsey

Shu made these cupcake toppers

And cat being annoying as usual

Memories box

I have this little tupperware box full of notes, cards and random tokens that I collect to remind me of experiences that I love. I call this my little Memories Box. I used to be very scattered and like to chuck my things all over the place (especially in hall) so one fine day I decided to get organised and keep my memories in a box.

Once in a while, I like to take them out and be reminded of the beautiful times I’ve had.

Not very pretty but it serves its purpose

My frst ever item with NUS Dance Blast!

My driving lessons’ notebook

Took a torturous three years to pass my driving license and provided the school with a lot of income

Was pretty hopeless and so used to rote learning by my good memory, I used to recite my parking mantra

Lastly, a card gifted by my JC school mate five years ago after graduating from JC. Strangely, my features don’t seemed to have changed much.

Fruit baskets

It was a very trying Christmas period because my father aka Dadster was warded for a major surgery. I spent my leave week shuttling between Gleneagles Hospital and home which was physically and emotionally exhausting. Dadster has always been very headstrong and it was a 180 degrees turn to see him weak, tired and sick.

Dadster’s many friends and business partners heard about his hospitalization and sent us many fruit baskets. I was telling my Momster we should start selling these fruit baskets at MRT stations since we won’t be able to finish them. Of course she didn’t value my entrepreneurship spirit.

I told her I can do a very loud, “LE LONG LE LONG”. (Le long means sales)


Lelong lelong

Top moments of 2012

I had so many moments this year I had to take mental snapshots of. These are my top five moments:

Celebration for my 23rd

1. Turning 23 in a quiet but blessed affair with time spent with my loved ones.

The WCTOH team in our celebratory poses

2. Working on the World Conference for Tobacco or Health (WCTOH) 2012. I was really lucky to be able to work on a global conference of this scale.

Hong Kong 26 June to 1 July 2012

3. Traveling to Hong Kong with a mixed up bunch that I wouldn’t have thought of hanging out previously.

Second girl from the right

4. Dancing in NUS Dance Blast’s Shut Up And Dance 2012 concert. This was my second large scale concert and my sixth (in-house) concert with Blast.

Best show faces!

5. Attending my first Blast! wedding which turned out to be like Blast prom.