Unboxing BoxGreen!

Let me just caveat this upfront: This is not a sponsored post and I paid for my own box myself.

My sister calls me a squirrel these days. I’m all about granola, healthy snacks and nuts. Dadster used to sneak into my room and scurry off with spoils but now, he slinks in and quietly retreats because he says, “you eat hamster food.”

Anyway, while subscription box frenzy is slowly dying, I didn’t see the hurry to hop onto the bandwagon.

Initially, BoxGreen started out with surprise snacks I think. I am not one for unknown – I need to know what I am paying for. With the new plan they rolled out: your choice of 4 snacks (3 packs of 30g each) in each box, I thought, why not?

My box was shipped out maybe 2 business days after I carted out and took 3 business days to reach me.

Shipping was free for me but costs $1.70 for BoxGreen


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Good buys: Humble Beginnings

If you’re a fan of Humble Beginnings and you happen to be in Malaysia, try having the cakes be delivered to you and bring it back to Singapore instead.

Eight pieces of vanilla crepe goodness

Layers of vanilla crepe

The base price for the cake and delivery price are much cheaper in Malaysia than Singapore.

Base price of cakes
Malaysia: 72RM (based on exchange rate of 2.42) = approx 29SGD
Singapore: 58SGD

Delivery prices
Malaysia (Penang island, mainland Penang, Johor, KL, Petaling Jaya: approx RM10-15/2.42 = approx 4.13 to 6.19SGD
Singapore: 10SGD flat

Check out the layers!

Good buys: Benefit Cosmetics Finding Mr Bright

If you’re looking to purchase Benefit Cosmetics, why not try joining a spree?

I did some research to check out how much I would save if I purchase this beauty kit, Finding Mr Bright, online as opposed to at the local Sephora Store.

The product at Sephora store costs: SGD51

At Benefit website: USD27.99 based on 1.33 (USD exchange rate) will cost: SGD$37.23. If you join a spree (shoppers cobbling online to save on shipping costs) as Benefit offers free international shipping above USD150, you basically pay postage within Singapore (about $2?). The total costs will add up to approx $39.23

You save about $12 which buys you… about 4 plates of chicken rice. Or two McDonald’s meals with one ice cream cone and some coins to spare. Or 11 Milo packets at Cheers convenience store.

Finding Mr Bright – four mini sized products

Good buys: Cotton On Online

If your skin is really thin like mine Рmy feet bruise very easily, you might want to consider getting lousy albeit comfortable shoes from Cotton On/ Rubi. My feet bruise and blister at the slightest discomfort which hurts too much to dance so whenever I purchase shoes, I have to be super careful.

Instead of getting shoes from Rubi retail outlets, try shipping from Cotton On Asia. The shoes are dirt cheap on sale but of course, don’t expect them to last very long. I bought seven pairs of basic flats at $5 each. Which means… approx the cost of about 1 wanton mee and 1 teh peng. I also got accessories such as socks, bracelets and cool foldable sunnies at $2 each.

Cotton On routinely has discount codes so their website so do check them out. I used a discount code that entitled free shipping. Shipping is otherwise, only $7.50 flat throughout Singapore.

Good buys: Name card case

I’m a fan of online shopping because it means that I don’t have to head out to the shopping centres and squeeze with the crowd. With Internet banking, it has become really easy to buy goods online.

I chanced upon this mini briefcase which makes a perfect name card case. What a perfect conversation starter too! However, I don’t think the buckles will last very long. This cost S$10.90 with free normal postage. I think this will make a good gift as well.

I got this from Qoo10.sg. This is available in five colours: Red, blue, black, silver and gold.

Pretty colour

Pop the buckles to open

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Favourite Gmarket/ Qoo10 links

And so… I’ve been asked to share some Gmarket/ Qoo10 links that I’ve bought from previously so here they are.

Each Gmarket listing is typically a “store” with many listings that change prices from time to time according to discounts. I would suggest checking out the “store” to check out which listing is the cheapest because most of these listings are duplicates. However, some pricier items may not be listed on the discounted price listings.

1. Dance harem pants: Tomatoma

2. Wide selection of tops including some familiar UK pieces: Starblink

3. Korean tops and bottoms: Bebuying

4. Korean bags and lots of lingerie: Nana Beauty Shop

5. Lingerie and Body shapers: Great buy deals


Looks like this Dance For Japan update is taking way longer than I thought it is.

Virgin Clothes Buffet

I went for my virgin clothes buffet maybe 2 saturdays ago. ¬†It was this shop called Victoria Jomo located at Haji Lane. They stock mostly work dresses, casual tops and vintage dresses. There’s a sprinkling of vintage clutches as well.

I was up, bright and early on a saturday morning, how unlike me.

Like the namesake, shoppers had the option of purchasing a carrier at either $55 or $35. Because I was a savvy chiongster, I headed straight for the big bag and I managed to stuff 4 work dress, 1 toga top and a normal tee, all for $55. My friend was even more pro than me, she stuffed like 6 pieces of clothes + 1 clutch. The clutch alone cost $36.

Was it a worthwhile experience?

Yes, I think because each piece of clothing was less than $10 for me. Considering they are dresses for work when I foray into the corporate world, I think it is worth the time and effort. The event started at 9.30am and I was there about 8.45am and was the second batch to go in. This kind of thing must go as early as possible because by the afternoon, the clothes will be all mussed up and tossed on the floor. Also, there is a possibility that the clothes may not have enough stocks. It was fortunate that Victoria Jomo’s owner had enough foresight to guess how kiasu Singaporean girls are.

Each shopper was allocated about 30 mins to shop and man, was it intense. There was like no talking and each girl was frantically digging for bargains. There was no “Eh this top nice not?” or “You think this worth it?”.

It’s a skill too to squeeze all the clothes into that carrier. I think it would be smart to bring rubber bands next time so that each piece is tight and snug. The staff at Victoria Jomo required all the bags to be sealed before leaving.

I read about this event through Qui Qiu’s blog. Hopefully, there will be more of these events for cheap thrills and bargain hunters.