Ubud: D’Cliff House – Homestay

The first time I did a DIY Yoga Retreat was back in 2014 when I for some much-needed self-care. I did classes mostly at the Yoga Barn and was amazed and taken aback by Les Levanthal’s classes.

This time, instead, I was feeling a little more adventurous and did classes at Radiantly Alive so I was looking for a homestay nearer to the studio.

I asked around and received a recommendation for D’Cliff’s House. It’s a homestay further up Jalan Dewisita, where the bustle goes on in Ubud.

The guest facilities are a 4-room building at the back of the homestay. I stayed on the higher room with a balcony – it wasn’t very much more expensive than the lower rooms.

I stayed in the room on the right

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Ubud, Bali: Jangkrik Homestay

In Ubud, the most common and cheapest option for accommodation is to stay in a homestay. Typically, a Balinese family will own a compound where they rent out rooms to tourists. In central Ubud, there are so many options out there. A slightly pricier option will be staying in bungalows. There are numerous bungalow options, some come with the entire bungalow, others rooms but mostly with more facilities such as restaurants and pool.

However… please don’t trust a pool too much when you’re in Bali.

Before deciding on your accommodation, do hell lots of research and don’t rely on one review site only. Also, do note the dates of the reviews as the reviews could be outdated. Blog posts/reviews are also a great method of sussing the option out.

My criteria for my accommodation was:

  1. Relatively near to Yoga Barn (where I’ll be taking classes)
  2. Near a supermarket and Danamon ATM (My local bank has a partnership with Danamon, hence, lower overseas fee)
  3. Food options nearby
  4. Good and recent reviews everywhere (such as TripAdvisor and Booking.com) and blog reviews (I believe that if a place is good, people will write about it)
  5. Breakfast will be nice but it is not a must
  6. I can do without air conditioning but I cannot do without no wifi

I was glad to find Jangkrik Homestay and mostly, fitted into my requirements. I enjoyed my stay with the Balinese host family, Made, Kadek and their daughter, Nita (I think) and their pets.

How each homestay usually looks like, you enter through a tiny door with steep steps

Jangkrik Homestay shares the same compound with another homestay. If you book Jangkrik, the confirmation email will give you directions accordingly.

Jangkrik compound starts when you see the statue of Ganesha

There’s a gazebo on the left where you can have your breakfast or chill out for a smoke

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