Bangkok 2015: Cataholic Cafe

I really liked Cataholic Cafe – because it is the only cat cafe I’ve been to where there are more cats than humans. You don’t feel that you’re overwhelmed and also, there are so much opportunities to interact with the cats.

It’s located in this very quiet suburban mall called Ozono where animal-friendly restaurants are located.

You know how some cats feel tired of humans at cat cafes and tend to hide away? The Cataholic cats seemed so secure and comfortable around humans.

I was there about 4pm and there was only one other patron. As compared to the other bigger cat cafes, Cataholic is much smaller in scale. However, Cataholic also does not have as many cats as compared to Purr Cat Club or Caturday so I think it all evens out.

Panorama of the cafe!

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Bangkok 2015: Caturday Cafe

Visiting cat cafes overseas now is like my thing to do. Cat cafes in Bangkok are probably one of the cheapest cat cafes globally. There is no cover charge, you’re expected to order a drink only!

As compared to the other cat cafes in Bangkok, Caturday is centrally located and within easy access to the BTS station. You’re saved from the heat!

  1. Drop at Ratchathewi BTS, take exit 2
  2. Go down the bridge, turn left, spot Guts restaurant and walk through the car park

Spot Guts and you’re there

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Bangkok 2015: Siam Gypsy Junction

I think night markets are sprouting up everywhere in Bangkok especially with the success story of Talad Rot Fai and the hipster trend. Siam Gypsy Junction is one of the newer and lesser known markets probably. Apparently, this market used to be part of JJ Green before it was moved to its new location. Siam Gypsy is a long straight stretch of night stalls underneath the MRT station, Bang Soon, which has yet to be completed.

I read online that it was supposedly open from Wed-Sun but when we were there on a Wednesday there were hardly any stalls open or crowds present.

It’s set up in a one-way kind of setting, you stroll down a long stretch of road, illuminated by street lamps and lighting by vendors.

 Siam Gypsy holds its charm. It’s kind of eclectic with an Oriental meets Cowboy-ish theme.

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Bangkok 2014: Paladium DIY Market

There isn’t really much night shopping within the Platinum Fashion Mall district because most shops at Platinum start closing at about 7.30pm.

Palladium (or Paladium) DIY Market rides on the current customisation frenzy. Remember those fancy passport holders with your name embossed you often see at flea markets in Singapore? Forget those (which probably cost 2-4x more) and get them done in Bangkok if you have a trip to Bangkok planned. Here, you get get a customised passport holder, notebook, cap, clutch. The list goes on…

I remember this envelope clutch being about SGD10-15.

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Bangkok 2014: Makura Cat Cafe Second Visit

So if you’re a frequent reader, you probably realise,

“Hey this chick goes to Bangkok like an annual pilgrim.”


You’re almost correct! I was in Bangkok in November 2014 (not really by choice but because of a work trip so I took the opportunity to extend my trip for a couple of days to visit my favourite haunts.

I was at Makura Cat Cafe when it newly opened in 2013 and what a difference a year made. I didn’t bring a digital camera, hence, images taken on my iPhone.

Typically, for every country, I like to visit at least one cat cafe!

Generally speaking, I feel that the cats are overwhelmed by the visitors already. Hence, they tend to be a little more “I don’t really want to play” attitude.

You can purchase a treat for the kitties to overwhelm you. HA.

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Bangkok: Purr Cat Cafe

On my last day since I wasn’t able to shop as my luggage is all packed and ready to go, I thought I’ll spend a relatively chill-out day, checking out the much raved about Purr Cat Cafe. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that this cafe was opened by a celebrity. It’s pretty much a one stop shop for all feline stuff. There’s a salon for grooming, you can get cat supplies and pick up some kitschy tokens.

The cafe is located some distance away from the city centre, in a residential estate. I would say it’s kind of in the uptown/upscale area.

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Bangkok sight: Personalized tags

I think it was my last trip, I was trying so hard to find this place at Chatuchak. It was mentioned online that you can get personalized/customized engraved tags at Chatuchak. It was one of those things where when you didn’t make any effort to find it, the thing comes to you.

Here’s the place if you had Googled customised tags at Chatuchak. Btw, I gave a little counsel to the owner that they should have their name on Facebook in English for easy searching. Well, at least they have a website I suppose.

Got a few done for my Dadster because I was feeling guilty I didn’t get anything for him the entire trip

Bangkok sight: Makura Cat Cafe

Well, we intended to head to Talad Rot Fai but we stumbled upon Makura Cat Cafe. I hadn’t had any inkling of this cat cafe’s existence but hey, lady luck must be on my side. It’s right on the way into Talad Rot Fai, opposite the rows of Thai bars/cafes.

It was also Halloween night so the cat cafe was decked in Halloween festivities. But no trick or trick sadly! There is a little basin at the entrance of the cafe. All patrons are required to wash their hands before entering. If you had googled cat cafe Bangkok, you’re likely to find Purr Cat Club. I’d say skip Purr Cat Club and come here instead.

The cats are pretty fun and active and they oblige humans. It was a more enjoyable and interactive experience as compared to the other cat cafe I’ve been to in Hong Kong. It’s a new cafe, having opened only in July 2013.

It’s separated into two segments, the other side is elevated. BUT it doesn’t protect you from the kitties.

One of my favourite cats! This cat has a thing for bags

Makura Cat Cafe
Address: Srigarindra Rd. Bangkok, Thailand
Opening hours: 12-10.30pm on Wed, Fri-Sun, 12-9pm on all other days
Directions: I alighted at Udom Suk BTS and took a cab that costs about 80 Baht. It’s right behind Seacon Square

The new Talad Rod Fai at Srinagarindra (aka Srinakarin)

Update (Mar 2016): Talad Rod Fai 3 (Kaset-Nawamin) is up!

Update (Mar 2015): Talad Rod Fai 2 (Ratchada) is up!

I had the chance to visit the old Talad Rod Fai last year, Dec 2012, before the market’s lease expired this year. They were forced to move out of the location to a further flung place, which is out of the way compared to the old location. It’s quite a distance from the city centre but I still think it’s worth a visit!

The market sells really varied stuff so you won’t know what you might just find. There’s plenty of vintage homeware, cheap slippers and mobile alcoholic bars. There’s also a row of bars/pubs playing acoustic music, some jam Thai rock and plenty of small coffee shops. I bought a pretty rainbow foldable umbrella here.

Chanced upon a stall making customized snapbacks

Rows of eateries

Gandhi themed cafe spotted

How to go Talad Rod Fai

Address: Sringarindra Soi 51, Khwaeng Nong Bon, Khet Prawet, Krungthep Mahanakorn 10250 — It’s right behind Seacon Square.

Google Map: Talad Rod Fai

Opening hours: Fri to Sun, 5pm to midnight

Getting there:  From BTS station Udom Suk, take a cab for about 60 baht