Osaka: Home Hostel

Can’t fit in the whole building here but Home Hostel truly stood out amongst the gaudy loud buildings in Sinsekai.

The reason why I picked this spot instead of the more popular areas like Namba is because Home Hostel is a skip away from Spa World, Don Quixote (for snacks to bring home) and has a train station with direct train to Kansai International Airport.

Sinsekai is the “New World” town of Osaka. On first look, the vibe is gaudy, almost like Gayworld in Singapore. The area is filled with Kushikatsu restaurants (fried skewers) that arose due to the huge Pachinko (arcade and slot machine centres) and Spa World (onsen theme park).  The buildings are adorned with huge lanterns, vibrant colours and gaming machines.

Due to its nature of the activity – the crowds veer towards the middle-aged men but there really isn’t anything to worry about!

Enter the building and you spy beautiful wall murals all around. The left is the wall of shoe lockers. One of their staff members is an artist.

This is a family-run hostel which explains their cosy vibes. The owner often brings his child to the hostel.

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Kyoto: Piece Hostel Sanjo

I love staying in hostels in Japan because of the great price point and also, because of how the country is set up, there is a convenience store in every corner you turn.

Some of the hostels are so up-scale that they feel like boutique hotels.

I took a risk this year to stay in Piece Hostel Sanjo instead of my usual Khaosan Kyoto Theater.

The hostel is decorated in a beautiful industrial theme.

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Kyoto: Khaosan Kyoto Theater (Hostel)

Me – I’m determined to stretch out my hostel years as far as it goes. I recognise that soon, in a couple of years, I would probably have grown out of communal living.

The first time I stayed in Khaosan Kyoto Theater was in September 2014 and then again in May 2015. Both of my stays were great and enjoyable! Then, in September, the hostel was just about done. The hostel is smack in the heart of Kyoto, right where all exciting things are.

We stayed in an 8-bed all female, Kimono-wrapped beds.

Second skinny and tall hostel I’m at.

The reception as you walk in

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Osaka: Hostel 64 Osaka

When I was booking accommodation in Osaka this time, I had initially wanted to go with my first choice, Osaka Hana Hostel. The rooms that I wanted (female dorms or private rooms) were fully booked, perhaps two months before our trip. Yes, I am serious. That’s Japan for you. Hostel 64 Osaka wasn’t my initial top choice but I’m glad I went with it. Massive pic spam, my comments in between. End of post for review!

Hostel 64 Osaka is an entire short building

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Melbourne: United Backpackers

Date of travels: 22 Dec 2013 – 2 Jan 2014

So… I’ve always wanted to see Australia and do a roadtrip, when the chance materialised, I knew I had to do it. It was a quite a sum for me to put in for the remaining 2013 considering  I had just done a big trip in March 2013 to USA. Thankfully, we’re at this point of time where AUD has dropped considerably, making SGD way stronger before. It wasn’t an easy decision to go but I’m so glad I did it.

I’ve always enjoyed my NUS life but the one big regret that I had was not being smarter at my module choices and being  too strong headed about wanting to do psychology. If I had just gone with Comms in the first place, I would have done way better and qualified for exchange. Oh well, I can’t turn back time now and so I’ve gotta make things happen now. Which brings me back to my point of going to Australia!

We spent three days exploring the city area before retreating to the suburbs. If you’re a couple staying in Melbourne, you got it easy because the choices are more varied (and cheaper) than triple shares. My friends and I are used to communal living and we’re at that age when we’re still okay to rough it out, it was an easy decision to go with hostels.

I was in charge of booking accommodation during this trip and my pick for our stay in the city was United Backpackers!

In a nutshell, I enjoyed our stay there and I would stay there again. Read on for a short visual tour and the goods and bads of this hostel.

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Penang hostel: Muntri Inn

The last of all Penang posts!!

Travel buddies xoxo

Our flight back to Singapore was quite late and since we did web check in, we didn’t have to be at the airport until about 8/9pm. Since we had to check out at 12pm, this will leave us homeless for quite a bit so we decided to book a cheap single room at another hostel.

I recommend other travelers who are in this predicament to do this as well. Penang’s weather is erratic with frequent downpours, there may be a chance you are relegated indoors and the last thing you want is to left homeless. A single room at any hostel is a good deal for the comfort and shelter.

We got a single room at Guest Inn Muntri

Pretty nice place with some hang out areas. There’s free instant coffee if you like. I had Penang white coffee btw.

You can play pool too

The hostel had good reviews on travel websites such as Tripadvisor and

Price list, Sept 2012. We paid about SGD20 for a single private room to hang out before our flight

Restrooms at the back. I had a nice shower before we left

A small cosy room. Don’t worry, it was us who messed up the place

This is also the end of Penang posts!

Guest Inn Muntri Sdn Bhd

No. 17, Muntri Street
10200 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
Tel : +604 263 3228
Fax : +604 262 3229
Reservation :
Facebook : Guest Inn Muntri

Red Inn Penang

And so… I headed to Penang for a 4D3N eating fest and it was good! My travel companions and I don’t have a lot of cash to spare (as always) and since Penang has such bustling, hipster backpacker crowd, we decided to rough it out and stay in a backpacker’s hostel. In all honesty, it was a good, value for money experience.

I did my booking via It’s quite simple and fuss-free so give it a try!

We stayed in Love Lane in Georgetown. That’s where all the backpacker’s hostels are. The prices of the hostels are largely similar with some ultra low priced ones. These are usually the ones that are more run down than the rest. There are also the higher end flashpackers (flashpackers are backpackers with higher disposable income) hostels which are one grade up from backpacking hostels but not quite there yet as hotels. I think the flashpacking ones are the best because you stay in nice, character-ful places which are as clean (or even cleaner) than hotels in Penang.

Okay, back to our hostel. It’s situated at 55 Love Lane which I originally thought would have been some seedy, red light district in Georgetown but it’s named for its old time’s sake as with a lot of streets in Georgetown. some say it’s named after a British official called Love, others say Love Lane is where all the old-time brothels used to be situated.

We stayed at Red Inn Penang in a three bed dorm. There’s a couple of other hostels owned by this Red Inn chain called Red Inn Heritage and Red Inn Cabana.

Photos courtesy of Roger Leong. Look him up if you want shoots done! Welcome to a virtual tour of Red Inn Penang.

My thoughts of the hostel at the end of this post.

Our hostel is next to Reggae Penang

It is sandwiched between Reggae Penang and Old Penang Guesthoyse

Red Inn Penang, 55 Lorong Love

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River View Guest House Melaka

I’m just back from my short stay in Malacca! It was a hot getaway with my fellow Blast graduates (Jacklyn & Veekay). We came back tanner, fatter and satisfied. During our stay there, we stayed at a quaint shop house converted into a hostel. The owners stay in the hostel themselves (I think). The hostel was pretty homely, comfortable and the prices come at a steal.

Our  coach dropped us off at Renaissance Hotel Melaka so we had to take a walk to our hostel. Thank goodness Jack could read maps because Veeks and I are pretty useless.

The front of the hostel looks like this:

the front of River View Guest House

The front door is locked by some condo/hotel system where you need a proximity card to tap to enter the hostel. Outsiders are not allowed in at all times and the hostel does not provide “viewings”. This made me feel safe.

This is the long corridor of the hostel.

This is what you see when you first step into the Guest House. The check in table is on the right.

We stayed in a 3 bed mixed dorm which had a fan, air conditioning, towels and lockers for safekeeping of passports/money etc. The room was clean and comfortable.  It was pretty cold at night with the air-conditioning on. We all had sniffles in the morning which was promptly cured by the blazing sun.

Please pardon our mess

There were various areas you could chill out/hang out at

the dining area with all the maps

The kitchen

There was also a balcony area that overlooked the river. We thought it was quite cool to sit there drink coffee/tea and read our books at night. However, we escaped after 5 mins after being bitten by mosquitoes. I think it shouldn’t be that bad in the day. The windy atmosphere was nice… and almost romantic save for the pesky mosquitoes.

the balcony area

There was a  back door that leads to the river board walk which is a short cut to a lot of places. I enjoyed the stroll along the boardwalk, enjoying the river breeze and being out of the busy traffic.

The back door that leads to the board walk

The board walk

The guest house was located in the heart of china town where the traffic just keeps coming at you. It was central to all the tourist look sees such as the old churches, museums and old  war time battle grounds.  It’s about a 20-30 minutes walk to the shopping district but you could breathe in the heady food scents, get a few unwanted stares from old men and peep into mamak stores all for free.

The owner (Raymond) and the house keeper auntie were nice and informative people. Raymond made us a cold drink upon our arrival after the walk in the scorching sun. He gave us a run-down of the area and provided us with a map of must eats and must sees in malacca. This became the mantra for our trip there.  Jack spoke to the house keeper more than any of us since she woke up earlier than any of us. The auntie told us about the food around the hostel too.

Raymond’s wife also bakes cakes for the guests which is laid on the table for guests to help themselves. There were free flow of tea, coffee and clean drinking water. Every morning, there is a bunch of bananas too.

However, the wifi tends to be a bit wonky and I couldn’t connect. Jack and Veekay could access BBM only on their Blackberries. And I abhor the mosquitoes.

It was a good stay and I definitely recommend River View Guest House for anyone who’s heading to Malacca. The shop house is full of character and it’s situated in the central district of Malacca, near to everywhere you should go. It is a tad run-down/wonky but for the price and the nice ambience, I think it is okay. I would like to go back there again if I have the chance.