Osaka: Home Hostel

Can’t fit in the whole building here but Home Hostel truly stood out amongst the gaudy loud buildings in Sinsekai.

The reason why I picked this spot instead of the more popular areas like Namba is because Home Hostel is a skip away from Spa World, Don Quixote (for snacks to bring home) and has a train station with direct train to Kansai International Airport.

Sinsekai is the “New World” town of Osaka. On first look, the vibe is gaudy, almost like Gayworld in Singapore. The area is filled with Kushikatsu restaurants (fried skewers) that arose due to the huge Pachinko (arcade and slot machine centres) and Spa World (onsen theme park).  The buildings are adorned with huge lanterns, vibrant colours and gaming machines.

Due to its nature of the activity – the crowds veer towards the middle-aged men but there really isn’t anything to worry about!

Enter the building and you spy beautiful wall murals all around. The left is the wall of shoe lockers. One of their staff members is an artist.

This is a family-run hostel which explains their cosy vibes. The owner often brings his child to the hostel.

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Osaka: Endo Sushi Kyobashi

This has got to be the highlight of my Osaka trip 2017. Endo Sushi is better known for its Osaka Central Fish Market outlet, tourists are known to throng the famed outlet even before the sun rises.

Instead, try Endo’s Kyobashi outlet which is right by Kyobashi subway.

It is exactly the same as its more famous counterpart, sans the queue and the early timing.

Each plate consist of five pieces of sushi:

  • You can switch 1 piece of sushi but the number must correspond.  For e.g. You can switch Third Plate’s Tamago with Fourth Plate’s Saka
  • For the unavailable sushi, the chef will replace the piece with something of similar value, omakase (the chef’s choice) style
  • Each plate will include Ootoro (the fattiest tuna).

Top: Fourth plate Bottom: First plate

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Osaka: Rinku Outlet Malls – Sports Depo and Rinku Tempura

So… you can’t resist Rinku Premium Outlet at Osaka. Since you’re in the area, there are two other spots that you should probably check out too!

Pro Tip: There is a shuttle bus from Kansai Airport to Rinku Premium Outlet at 200Y per adult. I’d suggest for you to leave your luggage at Kansai Airport’s luggage hold if you’re flying on the same day.

Sports Depo

If you haven’t already guessed it, this is a mega sports warehouse just a few minutes from Rinku Outlets. It probably takes about 5-10 minutes to stroll over.

If you’re in the Fit Fam Bam, this is the place for you. Lots of sports gear here!

They even have camping gear


Attraction Sports Depo
Address 3-27  3-27 Rinku-Ourai Minami, Izumisano City
Opening hours 1000 – 2100
How to get there Nearest train stations: Rinku Town
Google Map Sports Depo Rinku Town

Tempura Store

After you’re done shopping and is hungry, grab a bite at the Tempura store for a satisfying meal. The portion is huge mind you, I think one meal can feed two perfectly. A typical meal is about 1,500Y.

There isn’t a name for the store but it’s on level two, near the restaurants, right by Lacoste, you can’t miss it.

Attraction Tempura Store, Level 2, near Lacoste
Address Rinku Premium Outlets,

3-28, Rinku Ourai Minami,
Izumisano-Shi, Osaka, Japan

Opening hours 1000 – 2000
How to get there Nearest train stations: Rinku Town
Google Map Rinku Premium Outlets



Osaka / Kyoto: KATE

Simple way to travel between Osaka or Kyoto central to/fro Kansai airport: KATE.

  • Multiple locations and timings from convenient pick up / drop off within Osaka. Stops are available in Kyoto and Nara even.
  • Easy and fast ride, there’s even wifi on the bus!
  • Porters help you with your luggage

Purchase your tickets

English announcements available


Comfy seats all around

Osaka Food: Eggs N Things

I hear a lot of hype about Eggs N Things. Looks fun, sounds fun, and consistently good reviews on TripAdvisor. Consider me convinced.

My friend, Melephantom, also had Eggs N Things on her list. “You need to go here,” she says.

Maybe because my expectations were raised for this location, hence, I felt somewhat disappointed. The food was normal cafe food, huge portions but personally, I feel nothing to rave about.

Nice themed cafe – Eggs N Things has its roots in Hawaii, hence, the Hawaii-Japanese theme!

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Osaka: Cat Tail Cafe

I told myself I wouldn’t go actively look for another cat cafe when I was in Osaka but I stumbled onto Cat Tail cafe in America Town.. It was a sign that I had to go in.

If you only have the cash to go to one cat cafe, I totally recommend Cat Tail. If I’m not wrong, it’s 1200Y for 60 minutes with a free drink.

This is probably my third or fourth cat cafe and ranks high on my list in Osaka!

  • When you check in, you pay your entrance fee and will be asked to keep your belongings in a locker.
  • You will then be handed a lanyard with your time slot.
  • The host will lead you to your seat and pass you a menu. Order your drink and start exploring!

There is three spaces: Two rooms and a reception area that you are free to wander.

I was there on a weekday afternoon, about 12 noon and the cats were active. There were only 1-3 other guests.

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Osaka: Ando Momofuku Instant Ramen Museum

I flew via Japan Airlines and touched down Osaka Itami airport which was very near Ando Momofuku Instant Ramen Museum! Since I decided to be a smart aleck and forward my luggage on, I made the most out of my time near Itami airport.

This is a satellite version of the bigger Yokohama museum.

To be honest, I think it is a very miss-able attraction if you are in Osaka city and intend to travel out for this. If you’re around the area like me, I think it’s an okay stop, factor maybe 45 minutes within the Museum itself because you can customise your own instant noodles!

Walkable from Ikeda Station


Probably the guy who invented cup noodles


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Osaka sight: Spa World

I don’t know… To me, I think going to an onsen is like a rite of passage in Japan.It’s a tradition so steeped in culture that you got to experience it once.

Well, Kyoto has more traditional onsens but I wasn’t adventurous enough to conquer those. My inability to understand Japanese was a huge barrier if I had went to an onsen in Kyoto since those lean are more traditional, catering to local patrons.

Spa World brands itself as an onsen theme park in Osaka, easily accessible via three train lines. On top of onsens, there is a hotel, sauna and swimming pool (with slides and all the fun things).

Remember what I said about being accessible to tourists? You can take a look at Spa World’s Guide to using onsens. Best to go alone, you’ll know why.

I alighted at Tennoji and took exit 5


You’ll see this gaming place, turn right, walk straight and pass a convenience store on your left.


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Osaka: Hostel 64 Osaka

When I was booking accommodation in Osaka this time, I had initially wanted to go with my first choice, Osaka Hana Hostel. The rooms that I wanted (female dorms or private rooms) were fully booked, perhaps two months before our trip. Yes, I am serious. That’s Japan for you. Hostel 64 Osaka wasn’t my initial top choice but I’m glad I went with it. Massive pic spam, my comments in between. End of post for review!

Hostel 64 Osaka is an entire short building

I totally forgot to take a picture of the steep stairs – there are no lifts in this gentrified building. * Insert horror face at lugging your luggage up the stairs* Continue reading “Osaka: Hostel 64 Osaka”