Penang food: New Lane

Last Penang food post yay! I’m slowly bit surely, clearing my Penang (September) posts which leaves… some Bangkok and Costa Cruise posts to clear from last year’s travels.

So on our last night, we were looking for somewhere to eat before we finally roll home on our fat tummies.

This is New Lane

In the morning, breakfast is served (I think) and in the evening, dinner

No idea what happens in the afternoon, probably, it’s too hot to work. A lot of locals stop here on their way back to pack food home.

Like most hawker food in Penang, not exactly healthy but the food were affordable (not necessarily cheap) and good. We also noticed that there doesn’t seem to be much vegetable-based dishes. I was dying for some fibre.

Assam laksa

Beef noodles – one of the best I’ve had for sure

Char Kway Teow with duck eggs and seafood, the duck eggs make this dish saltier as compared to chicken eggs

Wanton Mee which was unmemorable

What happened to Roger’s hair?

Ah balling in ginger soup

Osmanthus jelly which paled in comparison to the one I had in Hong Kong

New Lane Hawker Street
Lorong Baru (New Lane),
Off Macalister Road, Georgetown
10040 Penang
Next to Sunway Hotel, Penang
Opens from 5 – 11pm


Penang food: Ete cafe

Last few Penang posts I promise!

During our last day in Penang, we were determined to hunt for a nice cafe to sit, chill and live out some chi-chi dreams so we found ourselves at Ete Cafe. This cafe is run by a Taiwanese couple with their teenage daughter. The whole family trained at Le Cordon Bleu in France. The French desserts are all hand-made by the couple.

Also, they don’t do the Espressos and lattes, instead, they serve siphon coffee that is prepared on the spot.

With the Taiwanese mei mei

Ete cafe is pretty small that are able to fit perhaps, a maximum of 12 person


Cakes and macarons

a wide range of coffee beans to pick from

The owner uses this funky machine

This is call siphon coffee I believe

Of course Ikea is too main stream for the cafe, check out their furnishings.

Crate for a table and a tree stump for support

Shu and I shared Strawberry & Lime fruit tea – Sweet and a tinge of tangy after taste

Sea salt caramel cake

A very traditional French dessert, Mont-Blanc

They shared wth us their dreams of owning a cafe and decided on Penang due to its affordablity, location as well as the availability of an international school for their girl. From our conversations, it sounds like they really enjoy the laid-back culture of Penang.

They are very hospitable people and we stayed there for a good two hours just chatting with them. If you’re keen to visit, dogo slightly later than their official opening hours. We were there at 11am and they weren’t open.

With the family

Ete Cafe 79 Lebuh Carnarvon
Georgetown 10300 Penang
Business Hours: 11:00 am – 6:30 pm

Penang food: Aik Hoe Restaurant

Last few Penang posts!

For our last dim sum breakfast, we decided to settle on Aik Hoe Restaurant which was listed on Time Out Penang for being of of the best value dim sum restaurants.

Restoran Aik Hoe

It was one of those rustic restaurant filled with lots of old school charm. If I’m not wrong, this is a family-run restaurant.

Three generations operations

Instead of peddling dim sum on carts, you have to self-serve and pick out the dim sum that you want.

The old school stuff they use

Picking out the stuff we want

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Penang food: Eng Loh coffeeshop

Up bright and early for a chirpy start. Hi guys, this is my new smile!

If you’re planning to visit the Penang Peranakan Mansion, you might want to drop by Eng Loh coffeeshop for some breakfast first. The coffeeshop is directly opposite the museum and serves some interesting bread.

At the junction of Eng Loh’s location

There are plenty of bread options available ranging from the more Asian choices to Western stuff such as the American breakfast.

Double exposure

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Penang food: Gurney Drive hawker centre

Gurney Drive hawker centre is quite big  but after walking around, you realise that there isn’t much varieties of food. They’re mostly repeated stalls selling the same kind of food.

The thing that annoys me about hawker centres in Malaysia is that specific tables are “claimed” by drinks stalls. Hence, the moment you sit down, they’ll be around you like flies until you order a drink. So if you’re sitting at a table near a drink stall selling juices, you gotta buy a juice instead of that Teh peng you are craving.

Also, could hardly find a decent dish of vegetables around although tow gay (beansprouts) were used in plenty of dishes.

Price wise, its about 5RM per dish which is slightly cheaper than Singapore’s prices. We had the best char kway teow in Penang at Gurney Drive.

Gurney Drive hawker centre is al fresco

Pick the seafood that you want

Poh piah or kueh pie tee

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Penang sight: Coffee Tree

Auntie Kua (Shu’s mama) asked her to get some coffee for her and we trooped to Coffee Tree to purchase some coffee. Coffee Tree is pretty near to Gurney Drive hawker centre so you can walk over easily for dinner.

Coffee Tree produces their own coffees and teas to sell in sachets. I like it that they allow you to sample the different types of coffee they have and they’re not nasty about you trying the many types.

Coffee Tree

Coffee in flasks for sampling

These are some types that they have:

  1. Special Brew Black Coffee
  2. Tongkat Ali White Coffee
  3. Tongkat Ali Black Coffee
  4. Tiramisu Coffee
  5. Coconut White Coffee
  6. Coffee & Tea (Yuan Yang)
  7. Durian Coffee
  8. Espresso
  9. Mochacino
  10. Cappucinno
  11. Cafe Machiato
  12. Cafe Latte

My new part time job

The coffee are not cheap, it was RM30 for 15 sachets. I guess it’s an okay buy since you are not in Penang everyday. I got the Durian and Yuan Yang coffee.

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Penang food: De Tai Tong cafe

On the second day, we woke up bright and early to search for some good dim sum. As per researched, we found good reviews for De Tai Tong dim sum via Time Out and Trip Advisor.

It was okay, not that fantastic in my opinion. I will write about another recommended dim sum place later.

We set off early but we got hopelessly lost because I forgot to on the GPS function on my tablet (which we loaded Google Maps on).

De Tai Tong was one of those old school places with push carts where you can pick off the dim sum that you want. We were there about 10-11am so I guess there wasn’t much varieties left. Dim sum in Malaysia is generally cheaper and tastier than Singapore’s. I feel that they have more varieties. The dishes range from 1.60RM to 5RM.

It was a bright and sunny day when we got lost

Hopelessly trying to figure our way there

Two brains still not enough

I got a little bored

And we finally found the place

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Penang food: Nellie’s at Red Garden

At Red Garden, we stumbled onto this little bakery. The bakery owner, Nellie, was very hospitable and urged us to try her cakes which were baked without any preservatives. We got the Russian cheesecake and it was indeed moist and buttery.

Worth a try if you’re in the area. I don’t remember it being expensive – probably about 6-7RM.

Nellie’s home made delights

Nellie and her cakes

Russian cheese cake

Red Garden
No. 20, Leith Street, 10000 Penang, Malaysia.

Penang food: Red Garden

For this Penang trip, my travel companions and I didn’t do much research on it. A lot of our itinerary were planned the night before using the Internet or via recommendations from Time Out (Penang) magazine that a colleague kindly loaned to me.

So on our first night, the hostel’s receptionist recommended Red Garden, a nearby hawker centre for our dinner. I think Red Garden was developed for the tourists staying around Georgetown. It was kind of like the Newton Circus for Georgetown. While we were there, we spied plenty of tourists and no locals. Price wise, I think it’s similarly priced to Singapore’s hawker fare, i.e., about SGD3-5 per dish. Taste wise, I guess it’s a little better than Singapore but in true honesty, I think its about the same.

Red Garden was about a 20 minutes walk away from Red Inn. I believe they have entertainment options as well – think seventh month getai. Address at the end of the entry.

Red Garden

The crowd at Red Garden 

Shu and I are glad to have our dinner

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