Nicolette says… #2

SY (to our colleague, Fithry whom we call Fit): “Fit, that’s such a sexy dress!”
N: “Her body’s really fit right!”

N: “If you’re a steak, you’ll be well done”
N: “If you’re a Transformer, you’ll be Optimus Fine”

On eating having Thai food for dinner last night.
N: “Thai 好吃了”



Punny affairs in office

I’ve got a lovable desk neighbour at work.

N is a design intern who’s been with us since early this year. At first sight and her introductory mail (our office policy is that every newcomer has to send an introductory mail about himself/herself when they first joined) you’ll think that she’s kind of a wild child. She has permed hair, dresses funky, cool image, a couple of tattoos and used to work for fashion shows.

Like everyone else, she started out quiet but now, I’m happy to share that she has opened up to the pod and yaks my ear off. No I’m just kidding, but she has such puns that I have to share.

SY: Why don’t you pick up the ukulele and join me at jamming! (Forever looking for someone to join me at jams btw)
N: Uku leave me out of this (You can leave me out of this)

SY: Can I have a McNuggets meal with the new Yuzu drink?
N: Yuzu drink more

SY: Oh, it’s so quiet without Curren (an ex-colleague of ours)
N: It’s Curren-ly so quiet here. So how are you keeping up with Curren affairs?

N:Do you know what Curren pays with?
SY: No what?
N: Curren-cy duh.

N: Oh you know Jes (our other colleague)? She Jes left in time for lunch.

N: When S went to Dubai she forgot Dubai back indian snacks for us!

Did I mention that N can eat char kway teow three times a week and still stay size XS? The amount of food she inhales is probably more than our colleague who plays competitive rugby.

My summer in 2010

Happened to pass by this place today…

1 Kay Siang Road

Which brought back a lot of warm fuzzy feelings in my tummy.

Singapore 2010

Most blessed to be able to spend my summer working for the Singapore Youth Olympics Games (YOG). I was attached to the Opening & Closing Ceremonies department to manage media requests.

I had such an amazeballs amazing time working for YOG. Much of my four months were spent working at the Floating Platform, looking over the Marina Bay and seeing how large scale rehearsals work. The Ceremonies were managed by SAF Sixth Division and it was indeed, an eye-opening experience working with army regulars and NSFs.

It was my first time doing PR in house which is very different from working on the agency side. I couldn’t have done this without my dearest partner in crime. Both of us, fellow interns, jumped into the deep sea and somehow, we managed to paddle and stay afloat with a lot of hard work and coffee.

Part of my job was to write for the YOG blog to provide readers with some behind-the-scenes insights on the Ceremonies. I felt like a rockstar because I had a photographer to take pictures of me!

Creds to Sebastian Tan.

My fellow partner in crime – At press con 2 I believe

Melodie Tan and I

Since YOG is about youths, most of the performers were youths aged 35 and below. A nine-piece girl band, YOGhurt was formed for the Ceremonies. The costumes were inspired by cosplay. Melodie (as above) was part of the band. She’s a talented singer who’s pursuing Music for her degree now! How apt is her name right? If I name my baby swag, will she/he have a lot of swag?

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Rainbow cake

Work anniversaries are really important at my work place so we always make a big fuss out of the person. Get a cake, sing a song and surprise him or her. My colleague told me he wanted to try a rainbow cake and of course I had to get him one.

I know right, what a weird name.

The layers

It was such an anticipated moment waiting for the cake to be cut.

Incoherent thoughts

Penning my thoughts down has become more and more of a obscure past time now. Residing in a public relations agency made me realise how every word of mine could very well be monitored (and stalked) by people. And I think I’ve become a really boring person now: it’s like work is a monster swallowing me whole and entire. But hey, I’m working towards a dance rejuvenation.

Sadly, to be boring (again), I thought it might be fun to list out some quirks I have picked up in the past year:

1. My inability to laze and slouch around upon coming home – I need a bath, immediately, in which ever toilet, mine preferably.

2. The need to used British spelling in whatever English words I type. Coupled with proper capitalisations.

3. I have to read newspapers everyday, mobile or paper.

4. I have a disgustingly good memory for remembering blog links and email addresses.

5. I have a very short “quiet span”. That is the noise equivalent of attention span. I think I freak the people out around me with the noises I made.

Also, when I was eating a humbug candy last week, I was chewing on the toffee and telling a friend that I always have this horrible thought that one day, my teeth are going to get stuck to sticky food items I eat and come out altogether. Lo and behold! The very next moment, my tooth crown was stuck to the candy and came out altogether

I was much much poorer after a visit to the dentist the next day.

I wonder if people do have such moments like me. I think I have all the weird, embarrassing moments my whole life.

Just the other day, I took my Caesar chicken wrap to the toilet, in the attempt to find some clean napkins. There wasn’t any dry spot on the basin so I had to place my wrap in the sink itself. It didn’t occur to me that the sink might be automated and my wrap was drenched. Luckily, there was a layer of wax paper so the wrap was still edible.

And a random fact of the day which I came across: You can’t hum while your nose is pinched.

following my lack of updates…

I am finally back to show you some shots of typical lunches I have in my office area:

I was invited to a “new hire” lunch hosted by the big boss (senior vice pres of south asia) at an italian restaurant, Ricciotti. I didn’t manage pictures of my own dish because I gobbled it up before I could do anything. But here are some of the dishes I managed to snap:

Starter platter of bruschetta. My favourite was the smoked salmon bruschetta

Fritto Misto : platter of italian fried snacks with spicy tomato and mustard sauce

Parma ham pizza: the only main course I managed to snap

One of my favourite lunch venue has to be Hong Lim Food Centre for its large variety of cheap and good foods. I’ve packed  food to rehearsals a few times and usually, its cleaned out.

Ji Ji Wanton Noodles has to be my all time favourite wanton noodles shop for its delicious and big portions. The ingredients are superbly generous as well.

Wanton noodles

Close up

A little further from our office, nearer to chinatown area there’s this money for value soya sauce chicken stall. I like the accompanying wanton soup because of the wantons. There’s this bite to it. Although I’ve been there a few times, it has never occurred to me to take note of the shop’s name but I will update this post with the shop’s name when I have it.

Soya sauce chicken

There’s intriguing food at Golden Shoe Carpark level one’s food court as well. I had this Italian “mixed rice” sort of thing where you can have 3 different anti-pasto for $5.50 with soup and 1 piece of bread. It sounds very little but you can choose pasta or mashed potato sides to fill you up. Every additional pasto is $1 more.

pasta salad, mashed potatoes, sauteed hot dogs, fried chicken & vegetable soup

Work life transition

It’s my 4th week at work and I must say… it was not an easy transition.

1. Hours: I used to keep very late hours – waking up late and sleeping late. The joys of a student/hostelite/unemployed. It was tough at the beginning to wake up at 7.30am, go for rehearsal, reach home past midnight to start the whole cycle again. It takes a while to adjust… and I’m still trying to adjust. I feel super lazy now because I haven’t gone for dance classes for some time, which I promise myself I will… really soon.

I can come home and fall asleep at 7pm and not wake until the next day. That’s how tired I am.

2. Being SUPER conscientious: I’m not the most detailed person ever. Saving files with the exact same format – where the spaces are screws my eyes upside now.

3. Chinese language: I haven’t been in touch with Chinese language for the longest time. Coming from a Chinese speaking family – conversational Chinese still comes pretty easily to me. But characters, passages and newspapers, these are the killers. I think these 4 weeks at work, I’ve somewhat improved but I still have a long way to go and a super high standard to meet.

4. A change of wardrobe: No more tees, no more berms and no more (or rather less) sneakers. Okay, this gives me an excuse to shop.

5. Trying to meet a high quality standard of work: Receiving pay = producing a certain standard and quality of work. My friends keep telling me not to put so much pressure and stress on myself but I really can’t help it.

Sumo Nabe Hotpot

Sometimes when people ask me what type of dance do I like best, I’m usually stumped. My first real foray into dance seriously was in Jazz. After entering NUS, I was much influenced by certain individuals, surrounded by their friends and started doing more hip hop.

Today, I like to think I waver between the two.

I don’t really have much to update now because my days are spent between going for job interviews, dance classes or rehearsals and bumming around. At this point of time, I hate how volatile my life is because I don’t have a career set out for me. As exciting as it may sound having lots of career choices available for you, it is a bitch to wait for phone calls and go for interviews.

I have been watching a lot of drama serials and reading books that situate themselves around love, betrayal and lies.And recently, I learnt the new meanings of lies. Like what exactly constitute a lie? Is a white lie that is not meant to harm but inconsequential still a lie? And also, just telling some parts of a truth, does it constitute a lie?

I have found a new love at Soup Spoon btw, it is called Sumo Nabe Hotpot. It’s not usually available on the regular menus of Soup Spoon but it was on this fortnight’s menu.

The soup base is somewhat like how a Shio ramen taste like, salty and milky. It’s cooked with soy milk and fortified with nutritious stuff my grandma adds in soups – chicken, cabbage and mushrooms.  I love the rich flavours of the soup but I think there’s a tad too much MSG in the soup and it appears oily to me. It’s a nice change for a fortnight if you frequent Soup Spoon.


After two months of bumming around and chasing a “dream”, I kind of got a reality check and moved on with life. It wasn’t an easy choice definitely, I still want to head overseas ultimately but maybe, just maybe, the timing now isn’t right.

Then it was a full-on search for the perfect job in Singapore. At this point of time, I’m not really sure if I am suited for the corporate world – the interviews alone scare the crap out of me. Even at 22, sometimes I think, hey, maybe I’m just not “grown up” enough to do this crap. I can’t even park a car properly.

But we all have to grow up.

I recently had the courage to do something that I always wanted to. Again, it wasn’t an easy choice. I see my peers, my juniors and my seniors all foraging ahead in the dance scene because they love to dance and they yearn to improve. Somehow, I kind of lost the spark along the way.

For now, there are more important things for me like settling down in a job doing things that I enjoy doing. And also, to train in gymnastics and finally get my aerial and handsprings up. I’m not a pro at gymnastics, hell, I’m prolly the worst out there but I enjoy gymnastics a lot now. And like I said, I need to do something that I like and I enjoy. Some day, I want to be the one out there flipping across the stage.