Kyoto: Piece Hostel Sanjo

I love staying in hostels in Japan because of the great price point and also, because of how the country is set up, there is a convenience store in every corner you turn.

Some of the hostels are so up-scale that they feel like boutique hotels.

I took a risk this year to stay in Piece Hostel Sanjo instead of my usual Khaosan Kyoto Theater.

The hostel is decorated in a beautiful industrial theme.

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Kyoto sight: Neko Cafe Time

Not interested in the hike at Fushimi Inari?

Love cats?

Your answer: Neko Cafe Time.

Compared to the other cat cafes I’ve been to in Osaka, Neko Cafe Time feels a lot homelier and humble than the other cafes. The cats from Neko Cafe Time are all rescued cats, hence, you don’t see any of those Russian Blues or Ragdolls but the everyday cats that you’d spot on the streets.

It depends on what type of cat cafe experience you’re looking for I suppose.

Me, I just wanted a cool place with air-conditioning (while waiting for my sister and D to hike) and maybe a drink to hide out from the terrible heat. Even better, if there is wifi. Make my day better-er with cats!

Price available on their website.

Cafe overlooks the river, such a pretty sight!

I think the cafe will be even prettier in spring with cherry blossoms blooming.

As with most cat cafes, you’re required to place your shoes outside and sanitise your hands.

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Kyoto sight: Fushimi Inari in 2014 and 2015

Are you a repeat traveller? Would you go to a holiday location that you’ve been before?

Typically, I wouldn’t.

I was in Japan in September 2014, having extended my trip as part of a prize, courtesy of F&N then again in May 2015, well courtesy of the parentals.

You know me, I can’t say no to a subsidised trip.

Fushimi Inari is one of the most iconic locations in Kyoto. The temple is dedicated to the Gods of rice and sake. The shrine itself is located at the bottom of a hill but the orange Torii gates form a trail up the hill.

I’m using a mixture of photos from 2014 and 2015 hence, the vastly different weathers visible in the pictures.

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