Traveling in 2015

When I was younger (HA like I’m damn old now), full of life and with more energy, I could travel up to 4-5 locations a year.

Last year, in 2014, I had been to:

Jan: Melbourne
Feb: Kuala Lumpur
August: Bali
Sep: Osaka & Kyoto
Nov: Bangkok

My travels last year were made possible because part of Japan was a sponsored trip (as I had won a blogging challenge for Singapore Dance Delight) and also, the kind extension of a work trip for Bangkok.

This year due to personal projects and commitments to dance, I’m scaling down on my travels but I’m going for more epic trips with friends! Previously in my Eat Pray No Love Bali and Semi Solo Japan trip made me realise how lonely solo tripping can be. It’s nice and relaxing to be able to travel at my own slow pace, it’s also a reminder of how loneliness and silence may be deafening.

My destinations in 2015 are…

April 2015

Short trip to Bangkok with Bestie and her boyfriend. I know, you must be rolling your eyes and thinking, “why are you going there as a third party?” Nuh uh, you don’t understand friend. It’s more like a they are going because I’m going as compared to I’m going because they’re going. Capisce?

In simpler terms, if I didn’t go they wouldn’t have gone. Sucks to be me right?

I’m not sure if we’ll pick up some drinks at Talad Rot Fai this time since Bestie and BF aren’t much of drinkers but I’ll definitely grab my favourite Mojito if I see one of those mobile bars.

Bangkok 2014: A mojito a day… keeps you going one more day

October 2015

I love Australia – the vibe, the culture, the food… all of it! My favourite travel buddies and I decided that it’s high time we reunite so this year, we’re back with a vengeance!

We’re going on a pretty *high* budget (well, it is high to me) trip to Australia. We fly into Sydney and fly out of Melbourne, in between, we be road tripping between cities. If you have any suggestions for us, please drop me a comment!

It’s going to be FREEZING for me so time to start shopping for sweaters and jackets. And since Roger is going, we have pretty shots guaranteed. Time to shoot some Facebook covers!

Melbourne 2014 By Thomas Tan

So this is the line up for this year (although I do predict some pop up trips) and I’m REALLY excited for my trips. I try not to grin to myself too often so that people don’t think I’m too weird.

Can you feel my excitement already?


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