Bangkok 2015: Talad Rod Fai Ratchada

Update (Mar 2016): Talad Rod Fai 3 (Kaset-Nawamin) is up!

Talad Rod Fai is quite far out of the city. To get there, it’s probably an hour’s journey or so.

Banking on the success of Talad Rod Fai’s, a second version of the train market has sprouted closer to town. Accessible via MRT, and also, open a night earlier (Thurs – Sun), crowds flock to this more accessible market, Talad Rod Fai Ratchada.

As compared to it’s older sister, Talad Rot Fai Ratchada is smaller in terms of size but I feel, the goods are more varied, more trendy and of more appeal to the young adult’s crowd.

The food stalls were set at the side and at the back of the market which makes them easier to find and the market, easier to navigate. Some stalls do have a small section of seats. If not, right at the front of the market, there are some benches. I also saw that some patrons seat around on the raised floor too.

Good night markets use a fail-proof formula: fashion, accessories, street food, booze, live music/football screening, toys and curios. Talad Rot Fai 1 and 2 are great examples.

I was there on a Thursday and the stalls appear to be all set up. It wasn’t too crowded and there were plenty of space to walk!

If you have a few nights to spare and are looking for night markets to shop, Talad Rot Fai 2 is a great option. If you only have a single night (Fri – Sun), I suggest pop over to the original Talad Rot Fai.

Talad Rot Fai 2

Days/Time: Tues – Sun, 5pm – 12am
How to get here: Alight at Esplanade Cultural Centre MRT station and cut through the shopping centre (Esplanade Ratchada). Just follow the crowds and you’ll be safe!



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