Bangkok 2015: ISAO

ISAO is officially my favourite restaurant in Bangkok. It has knocked off Sab Sab pork trotter rice, Another Hound’s prawn bisque and After You’s sticky date pudding. You get the gist right? I’ve heard so much about ISAO so this time, it got right up on to the top of my Bangkok list. It is a MUST EAT I told my travelling companions. ISAO was so good that we went back for a second time as our farewell meal before heading back to Singapore. What makes ISAO so special? It checks off all the criteria for a good Japanese restaurant:

  • Innovative sushi rolls
  • Quality ingredients
  • Addictive sauce
  • Fast and prompt service
  • Attractive presentation

The Jackie Roll (350THB) is made of shrimp tempura, ebiko, avocado, wrapped with a layer of prawn again, topped with a sweet sesame sauce. Continue reading “Bangkok 2015: ISAO”


Bangkok 2014: After You

I think After You in Bangkok is one of those over-blogged places, but for good reasons – the atmosphere is homely and cosy and the food is good.

An Instagram of an Instagram

We chanced upon this new outlet in Siam and it was very welcoming. While After You is one of the cafes that put more thought into the decor, the same amount of thought is placed into their presentation of food and the food itself. Explains why it’s so over blogged now?

I know patrons rave about the Shibuya Honey Toast but fried bread drenched in honey isn’t really my thing. The sticky date pudding and scones are some of the under-rated items but trust me, those are damn good.

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Bangkok: Purr Cat Cafe

On my last day since I wasn’t able to shop as my luggage is all packed and ready to go, I thought I’ll spend a relatively chill-out day, checking out the much raved about Purr Cat Cafe. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that this cafe was opened by a celebrity. It’s pretty much a one stop shop for all feline stuff. There’s a salon for grooming, you can get cat supplies and pick up some kitschy tokens.

The cafe is located some distance away from the city centre, in a residential estate. I would say it’s kind of in the uptown/upscale area.

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After You

Very short post! Here’s my favourite dessert cafe in Bangkok

They are most famous for their toast dish which is super huge but I had the sticky date pudding. After You is so popular and teeming with patrons that it takes a very long wait to get a table. The easiest way is to have your dessert takeaway. They even have the option of: To go (eat it) or To go (packed) which is.. what it is.

After You cafe

Sticky date pudding

After You Dessert Café (Thailand, Bangkok)
Siam Paragon Ground Floor (basement)
Tel: +66 02 610 7659
Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 1030pm

Bangkok food: Dr Jones’ Orphanage

Heard so much about this place that I had to give it a try when I was in Bangkok

The verdict: Pretty mehhh

Perhaps we didn’t order the right items but I felt that Dr Jones’ Orphanage is pretty over rated. Sure, the decor is awesome and the the cafe had a great thematic flow but I’ll head to After You Cafe any time over here. The main branch was at Thonglor which is quite far away so we headed to the branch at Siam Centre.

Hmm, I wonder what is that little hole in the left for



From where we were sitting, train tracks run round the entire cafe

Mr.Jones Orphanage
Location: 3rd floor, Siam Center (BTS Siam)
Opening hours: 10.30 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Bangkok food: Somtam Nua

Churning out the last bits of Bangkok posts, this is one of my favourite Bangkok eateries! Somtam Nua is this tiny eatery near Siam Square filled with Thai people. That’s always a good sign right if its filled with Thai people right?

It’s hidden in one of those small shopping alleys. While its supposedly famous for its papaya salads, both of us are not fans of that particular dish so we opted for the better (and unhealthier) dishes.

Rice noodles

Grilled pork neck – so good that the melty fat bits melted in your mouth

Garlic fried chicken

So good she insisted on going back twice

Somtam Nua
392/14 Soi Siam Square 5
Rama 1 Road
Tel +66 (0) 22 51 488


Bangkok food: Platinum Fashion Mall foodcourt

So.. it’s been about a year since I went Bangkok and I’ve finally found my blogging mojo back to write more stories of my life. I’ve leaving for Bangkok in 1.5 weeks, and this will be the first time I’m going to Bangkok without the family in tow. It’ll be different but enjoyable nonetheless.

Short post – Here’s a couple of my favourite food items from the foodcourt at Platinum Fashion Mall.

The foodcourt is perpetually busy

One of my favourite Thailand chap chye peng as I call it – Tang hoon, fried chicken and basil chicken. Everything that I adore.

Quail eggs! But share the cholesterol around.


Random yummy omelette of some sort

Some noodle soup which is really good!



Bangkok food: Another Hound Cafe

This time, prior to my Bangkok trip, I am proud to say that I did my research. One of the places often mentioned online, is the Greyhound Cafe and Another Hound Cafe. I was initially kind of confused between the two cafes before I realised simply, the Greyhound Cafe is the parent cafe that gave birth to lots of babies like Another Hound Cafe. There are multiple branches of Another Hound Cafe located through out Bangkok.

Also, a tidbit, there’s multiple Greyhound Cafes in Hong Kong too. I’m guessing its definitely cheaper in Bangkok than in Hong Kong.

I went to Another Hound Cafe in Siam Paragon. The exact location of the cafe is a bitch to find, I would suggest asking for directions from the information desks peppered throughout the mall.

Another Hound Cafe on Instagram

Here’s a better picture

Beautifully decorated

This is the main restaurant area that serves the main menu. To the right of the main restaurant…

is Sweet Hound Cafe

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Mr Coffee man

Whenever I’m in Bangkok, I like to stay at First House because of the prime location and affordable prices. Sure, the service isn’t fantastic but since I’ll speak to the receptionist only when I check in and out, I reckon this isn’t a big deal to me.

Anyway, every morning, I’ll buy coffee from this street vendor. The way he makes coffee is quite interesting. Instead of using creamer, he has this boiling vat of milk that he dips into. Once the vat of milk is finished, he’ll be gone for the day.

Meet Mr Coffee man with his boiling vat of milk

Check out his pot of milk

Plying his trade every morning